Thursday, April 17, 2008

34 weeks and counting!!!

We saw Dr. Bonebrake today; I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow. I've decided that this little baby doesn't like to cooperate. He is breech AGAIN. Everytime we see the doctor in Lincoln, he's head down; but when we see Dr. Bonebrake, he's turns breech! The doctor said his head measures 38cm which is "out of range" for the ultrasound machine to compute, but basically means that it measures somewhere greater that full term. His ventricles are the same size (31 mm) as they were 2 weeks ago, so my theory is he's just SO smart that its just his brain matter growing! :) At this point, he says we will probably do a cesarean for delivery. He does want to see us again in 2 weeks to see hows he's doing. He wanted to do an amniocentesis at 38 week(Friday the 16th of May) and follow the same day with delivery, but since it's a friday, and the baby will need surgery the next day, he figured it would be better if we would delivery at the beginning of the week. Dr Bonebrake is out of the office on Monday the 19th, we set up the amnio and delivery for May 20th.

It really seems final when he gives us a day!!! Makes me a little nervous! So we have 4 weeks and a couple days till we have a baby! So unless this sweet baby decides he doesn't like the 20th and wants to pick his own day, thats our new plan.

Our cord blood kit came in the mail today, too. We'll take this to the hospital with us when we deliver. They will collect the cord blood at delivery and we will send it off to Duke University. The plan will be to go there as soon as possible after delivery and we get settled at home.

Of other blog-worthy news, Dateline NBC came to our hospital this week and did a story on a mother and son whose life we had saved around 5 years ago. They wanted us nurses to be there for a ceremony, as yours truly was there! It's scheduled to air on the 1st of June, so maybe I'll get my 15 seconds of fame.:) There's more behind this story, so you'll have to watch and see it! I plan on DVR-ing it. I should be easy to spot with my huge belly and HOT PINK maternity shirt!


Sherri said...

Everything sounds soooo positive! I'm so excited for you guys ;) The news about the ventricles is especially good! Keep me updated.

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

Oh I will definately watch!

I am so excited that you have a date for the delivery set!

And I am super excited that you are still planning on going to Duke with your son. Do you keep up with Kristen's blog?? She took Cayman there this past week to get her infusion. Everything went great :)

4 more'll make it!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

By the way....I keep on thinking how your doctors name is Dr. Bonebrake. That is hilarious.

Sherri said...

ugggh! I'll bet you are getting to be pretty uncomfortable about now! Oh, well- you're almost done :) Could you email me your address- I'd like to send you something when the little guy is here! (