Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Blog

I have started a second blog {call me crazy} so I can keep a  record of things that I sew as gifts and such.  The first person I knew that quilted kept a photo album full of pictures of all the quilts she made.  This is my modern way of doing that.  Here's the link: check it out if you'd like!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A crazy couple of weeks.

We've had a crazy couple of weeks.  We got a call the day after Memorial Day from Boston Children's GI clinic saying they would like us to come for some GI testing the end of the month.  Matthew's GI doctor had put him on the waiting list to see these GI specialists back in November.  We knew it would be awhile, so when we got the call we scrambled into action.  As I started working on getting everything in place (medical records, out of state medical coverage, plane tickets, lodging, etc) I ran into one obstacle after another.  It was a nightmare.  I could write a whole book about the hours of headache trying to get to Boston was.  Steve and I both prayed that if this wasn't meant to be that God would close the doors.  It sure felt like it wasn't meant to be, but I promised I would be diligent with my endeavors and leave the rest to God.   Steve was sick the whole week of the 6th.  He couldn't shake it.  He was tired; exhausted really.  He had a sore throat, and a scratchy cough.  Finally, the 13th, he called me and told me to make him a Dr. appointment.  He couldn't give any specific symptoms, but just didnt' feel right.  The day after the appointment, he got a call from the office that his la test came back that he was positive for mono. 

Wednesday night I put Matthew to bed early, and he slept all night, all day Thursday, and all night Thursday night.  Matthew was supposed to go play at our friend, Chrissy's house on Friday, so I could take the kids to my work picnic.  Chrissy does respite/ childcare for other kids in her home, most that have special needs like Matthew.  We knew that if Matthew was sick, the last thing he needed was to go to Chrissy's.  We sadly cancelled our trip and made a Dr. appointment instead.  Matthew's mono test came back positive, and I was a bit concerned how Matthew would handle this illness as did his Dr.  He was already on oxygen due to his general weakness.  She drew some blood and sent us on our way with instructions to watch him closely and advised us travel would not be in Matthew's best interest.  The door to Boston had closed.  I knew this was our sign. 

Meanwhile, a friend of mine had agreed to watch my other kiddos at a local indoor play area, so they wouldn't totally feel like we missed out of a fun day.  While there, Micah was jumping in a bouncy house that had a basketball hoop in it.  While dunking a basket ball, his teeth somehow got tangled in the net (I'm envisioning Michael Jordon) and then fell backwards, and completely ripped out his front tooth, root and all (ouch).  Steve to the rescue (I was at the Dr.'s office with Matthew), took Micah immediately to the dentist and he pushed it back in the gum.  He may still need a root canal, but for now he has a sore mouth and a delicate tooth.

My parents came for the weekend, and we had a blast.  We haven't seen my parents since Christmas, so it was wonderful to have my parents here.  After they left, I decided a nice Father's day present would be to clean up our VERY MESSY garage.  I started by picking up all the shovels, rakes and such laying on the ground and then I started sweeping.  In my diligence, I missed a garden hoe that was laying on the ground, and I stepped on the edge of it; and the handle swung up and whopped me HARD in the face.  Immediately I felt blood.  Lots of it.  I thought for sure I'd knocked out all my teeth.  I was sobbing and the kids went running for Steve.  After I collected my self (calling Steve outside was not the right choice; he freaked with all the blood) and finally got up the gumption to look in the mirror, I was missing part of a front tooth and had a pretty cut up, bruised, fat, lip.  I was so sad about my tooth.  We decided it would be best to bubble wrap the rest of the family, since we were dropping like flies :)

 The "toothless"--Mason had just lost a front tooth
A close up of my  ouchie...the underside of my lip looked more like hamburger and lots of bruising.
Lucky for me, Micah had a return appointment to see the dentist on Monday, so I called early, and asked if I could come with and let the dentist see what he could do. { I silently wondered what child of his we were going to be putting through college with all of our recent dental visits. :)}  I'm now sporting a temporary crown, and will get my real tooth in a couple of weeks.  My lip still is pretty sore and black and blue, but nothing a little lipstick can't fix.

So that's what's kept us beginning this first month of the summer.  Next month we are planning a vacation, the kids are going to camp, my parents are going take the kids for a week, and Steve and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.  We're also going to try to camp a weekend here or there.