Friday, April 25, 2008

Our week

Another week down! I can't believe it's already Friday! The weeks sure are going fast! We didn't have any doctor appointments this week, but I think this is probably our last week without one.

At work, on our floor, we rotate weekend's and holidays every 3rd. So we have "color" names for our weekend groups. Blue, green and red. I am part of the green "day" weekend. The same group of us work together every 3rd weekend and every 3rd holiday. So in essence, we become very close, a sort of second family; we spend a lot of time together, 12 hour shifts on our weekends and holidays. My weekend "girls" have a tradition of going out for pedicures and lunch when someone is going to have a baby, instead of having a shower, because all of us already have at least 2 children. It was my turn this time! They took me out to a wonderful place here in town called "Ambiance" for pedicures. We were spoiled rotten for over an hour with foot massages, mint "mud" treatments, and a hot rock leg massage, finalized by painting our piggies real pretty :). We then went for lunch at the Macaroni Grill. YUMMM! I felt thoroughly pampered! Here's a picture of us after eating!

Starting left and working clockwise: Elsa, Robin, Holly, Tracy, Britt, me, Sherrie and Vickie

Something very humbling happened to us this week also. God has given us a lot to deal with this uncertainty of our new baby; but he also promises he will never give us more than we can handle and that he will be with us and walk with us. I am seeing his care and provision for us throughout family and our friends that he has put in our lives.People have literally come out of the woodwork to say they will help us in any way from childcare to meals and everything in between. We have had such wonderful family and friends that are praying for us. My mom is planning to take her very coveted vacation time to spend with us and the kids after the baby is born. This week we found out that some of my friends from work have organized a silent auction and bake sale for our family to help with our medical bills and also for any expenses to get to Duke for the stem cell infusion. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I was a bit apprehensive at first, especially since I don't feel like we fit the typical "mold" for this. We have insurance and can pay our bills. The girls insisted though, that everyone wants to help us and this is the way they feel they can help us; to help take a little of the burden off. I was flabergasted! We are thanking God for everyone he has put in our lives, and that includes everyone who reads our blog. Because, somehow, you've impacted our lives and care about us, or you wouldn't take the time to read my nonsense ramblings :) Each one of you has blessed us in ways you can never imagine.

Our schedule for next week: I am planning on getting my bedroom rearranged this Sunday and dedicate a corner for the baby, since he'll be in our room ( our home is very small and cozy, no room for a baby anywhere else) and to finish up paperwork for Duke University and our stem cell infusion. We'll see Dr. Bonebrake on Friday. It's our last ultrasound before our c/section. I think I'll also do some nesting around the house to get ready for the baby and my mom coming. I'm really excited for my mom to be able to come down. I also need to order a battery for my laptop since it doesn't hold a charge. I want to keep everyone updated on the blog while we're in the hospital. I did get a new memory card for my camera, so that's off the checklist. We have just 2 weeks left of school so we'll be done the 9th and have a week off before the baby comes. That'll give us time to tie up any loose ends. And I think that's about it. That's enough for me, I'm starting to get real tired! I can't even bend over anymore. Laundry is even getting to be a feat. The kids carry it for me and I just have to load and fold. I do enjoy being pregnant but will be happy to be able to bend again.

I'm not ready for this special time to end yet though, because this is something I'll never get to experience again. I remember after delivering each of the kids, that I would miss them kicking inside of me. I feel so priviledged that God thinks enough of me to let me help him make a miracle. It's the only time having a big belly is considered beautiful. It's also the only time I can eat and people don't care how much I eat! ha!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

34 weeks and counting!!!

We saw Dr. Bonebrake today; I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow. I've decided that this little baby doesn't like to cooperate. He is breech AGAIN. Everytime we see the doctor in Lincoln, he's head down; but when we see Dr. Bonebrake, he's turns breech! The doctor said his head measures 38cm which is "out of range" for the ultrasound machine to compute, but basically means that it measures somewhere greater that full term. His ventricles are the same size (31 mm) as they were 2 weeks ago, so my theory is he's just SO smart that its just his brain matter growing! :) At this point, he says we will probably do a cesarean for delivery. He does want to see us again in 2 weeks to see hows he's doing. He wanted to do an amniocentesis at 38 week(Friday the 16th of May) and follow the same day with delivery, but since it's a friday, and the baby will need surgery the next day, he figured it would be better if we would delivery at the beginning of the week. Dr Bonebrake is out of the office on Monday the 19th, we set up the amnio and delivery for May 20th.

It really seems final when he gives us a day!!! Makes me a little nervous! So we have 4 weeks and a couple days till we have a baby! So unless this sweet baby decides he doesn't like the 20th and wants to pick his own day, thats our new plan.

Our cord blood kit came in the mail today, too. We'll take this to the hospital with us when we deliver. They will collect the cord blood at delivery and we will send it off to Duke University. The plan will be to go there as soon as possible after delivery and we get settled at home.

Of other blog-worthy news, Dateline NBC came to our hospital this week and did a story on a mother and son whose life we had saved around 5 years ago. They wanted us nurses to be there for a ceremony, as yours truly was there! It's scheduled to air on the 1st of June, so maybe I'll get my 15 seconds of fame.:) There's more behind this story, so you'll have to watch and see it! I plan on DVR-ing it. I should be easy to spot with my huge belly and HOT PINK maternity shirt!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Last weeks happenings

We went to see the perinatologist in Lincoln for an appointment and ultrasound. At this point our doctor in Omaha wants us to go to every other appointment in Lincoln to save us gas :) . The baby was very active this week andwe were unable to get really good 3-D pics of him. He kept just wanting to show us the back of his head. His head circumference is measuring 36 weeks (still 4 weeks ahead) and for those of you interested in ventricle size, his ventricles measured 31 mm (up from 26-28mm's 4 weeks ago). I do know this is the time in development when baby's brains grow the most, so we may see some bigger changes in his head circumference now; although I'm not sure on that. My amniotic fluid level is up, too, to 34. That's enough fluid for atleast 2 babies!! Oh, the joys of pregnancy. They say the baby weighs approximately 4 lbs 5 oz.

Thursday night, Mason then decided to make a trampoline out of my very pregnant belly. After jumping on the couch where I was laying, planted his bottom very hard on to my abdomen with all his weight. That was a very painful experience, to say the least. Well, it also bought me a trip to the hospital, because I was worried about our little man, especially since he wasn't wiggling around inside anymore. The protocol at the hospital is 6 hours of monitoring, so I ended staying till around 1 am making sure he was okay. The doctor came in and said it is probably good that I have so much fluid, that it acted like a cushion for the baby. He said the baby looked good on the monitor and all was well.

This weekend we also made a quick trip up to my parents for a piano concert. This was an amazing woman who plays piano with disabilities. Here is a shot of her playing a song that I found on youtube.
She was veryinspiring. It was fun for my kids to see. We returned on Sunday, so very quick trip.

Many have asked us if we have names picked out for our baby. We are having a VERY hard time picking. So I'll start a little informal poll. You can vote if you want under comments. Here are our choices. His middle name will almost definately be Owen.

Matthew (Steve's and Megan's favorite)
Malek or Malik (Jill's)
Malachi (pronounced mal-a-ki) -Jill's also
Moses (this is Mason's, not in the running though ) Mason also said if it's a girl we could name him Mike-lol !
Miles (Micah's favorite, although really isn't in the running; it's a cute name, but we know too many Miles)

So it's most likely going to be Matthew Owen, Malik Owen or Malachi Owen. I think they all sound good. Micah says we have to have a 5 letter "M" name because all the other kids have 5 letters in there name. I don't know if we'll be able to do that though!

Not much exciting going on otherwise; I've lost my digital card memory stick, so I haven't been able to take any pics. I may have to break down and go buy another one; especially since the baby will be here before we know it!