Friday, June 19, 2009


Last Friday, my brother, Curt took the big 2 kids fishing. It was actually Micah's birthday present from take him fishing for 1/2 the day. He let him invite 1 person and he invited his sister...what a nice kid if I do say so myself! They had a blast and they caught a ton of fish at my friends private pond. They got up very early to fish and didn't even ask for lunch, so you know they were having fun!

Micah LOVES to fish!

Megan even touched the fish! This was nearly as big as her!

Curt said this one was 3 1/2 pounds! Nice fish


Kristen said...

That's some pretty big fish! Did you cook them? or was it a catch and release sort of thing?

Tyler said...

Fishing is so much fun, especially when you are cathing them!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Tyler said...

oops..I meant catching. This thing really needs a spell check.

Lisa said...

Wow! Did you eat them for dinner?

Connie said...

Those are some great photos. I hope they make the calendar that one of your cousins makes for your grandma Halverson each year. Kim showed me the one from this year. Such a cool idea and those pictures would be perfect! We so enjoyed spending time with your folks recently and meeting the grandparents.