Saturday, August 15, 2009

80th birthday

Well I finally (after much work) figured out how to get my pictures to download again from my computer. So now I can blog again :) Here are pictures from my grandma's 80th birthday party 2 weeks ago. We had such a great time!

The Birthday Girl-my Grandma-at a young 80 years old!

My dad and Megan snugglin' during the party

Matthew enjoying all of the attention he recieved

My grandmas party was held at my uncle Craig and Aunt Katie's house and this it the view from their backyard...isn't that cool, they love baseball and my uncle actually is an umpire at this ball diamond. The name of the street the live on (too cool).....' PopFly Lane'

My Grandma and Grandpa and their kids:

L-R Uncle Dave, Aunt Denise, Grandpa, Uncle Craig, Grandma and my mom (Sue)

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Kristen said...

Happy 80 years to your grandma! What a great age to celebrate!

I completely agree, the name of their street is so cool!!

And Megan is getting so big!