Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Tour: Day 2

Kitchen, informal dining room, and 2nd living room

The kitchen will be one of the rooms that will need a solid dose of "makeover" when it's turn comes up.

For some reason, the people who lived here before took out (and put in storage in the basement) a floor to ceiling cabinet that housed a wall oven, and in it's place put a OLD, I mean OLD gas range with microwave in it's place. I believe it was probably the first microwave EVER made. It's attached to the range and it's U.G.L.Y. We will be bringing that floor to ceiling cabinet out of storage, putting in a new wall oven (because no one needs both a cook top and and a range) and also putting a microwave above it. The ancient stove/microwave that is in it's place will be retired. A portion of this beautiful beast can be seen in the left of the above picture.
We also plan on replacing the faux butcher block countertops, the sink and the cooktop. We'll put in a new ceiling and andalso replace the hardware on the cabinets.
Above is a picture of the cabinet (downstairs currently) that we'll bring upstairs and put the new oven and microwave in.
This kitchen has a TON of cabinets which I love. They extend way over into the informal dining and there is also a pantry next to the fridge. The countertop between the dining and living room extends out so you can put bar stools under it for a breakfast bar. Perfect for the kiddos in the morning.

The informal dining room. Small and sweet. The light fixture and curtains will be replaced with this part of the makeover.

And this is the 2nd living room. We are currently hunting for a sectional to put in here. The recliner is just hanging out here, because we haven't found a good home for it yet. It's Matthew's favorite lounging spot too. Nothing planned for this room, other than fresh paint...but that'll be a while. The door in the center left goes back to 2 of the bedrooms (Matthew's and the spare room) and there is also a bathroom, and a very large hall closet back there. The whole house has 6 panel solid oak doors (which I love!) and you can see part of the hall closet from the above picture.
Another view of the 2nd living room. The door to the left of the fireplace is the master bedroom, and the door to the right goes out to a sun room. To the right of the door is the informal dining room.

Up Tomorrow:

Matthew's room, the spare bedroom, and the main bathroom


Josephine said...

It looks great! And how wonderful to have all that space :)

Tyler said...

I am loving the tour. Your house is HUGE!!! I love all the space. I agree with you on the stove, that thing is hideous and ancient. I can' wait until you start the makeover and the new pictures.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Lisa said...

Oh boy! I have been waiting for the home tour!!!!

Looks great!!!

How wonderful to have two living rooms!

Kristen said...

I have love that second living room!!