Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Blog

I have started a second blog {call me crazy} so I can keep a  record of things that I sew as gifts and such.  The first person I knew that quilted kept a photo album full of pictures of all the quilts she made.  This is my modern way of doing that.  Here's the link: check it out if you'd like!

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Michelle said...

Hey there! I popped over to your new blog and it looks great. I tried to comment there, but you have to have an ID somewhere to log in with before you can comment, so I'm commenting here where you can do it with a Name/URL. Anyway, it's great to see all of your projects all in one place! I have never been able to sew well. I collect old sewing machines and I can make costumes and mend things, but sewing in a straight line has never been something I could manage reliably so my crafting abilities stay firmly in the area of manipulating yarn. You, on the other hand, obviously have talent with the stitches!