Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another ultrasound today!

Today we had another ultrasound and Dr. appointment to check on this little guy. Nothing much has changed. He ventricles are growing as they thought they would, (as much as we kept hoping and praying they wouldn't). For those of you interested in numbers his ventricles were 18 mm at 20 weeks. Today they were 26-28 mm's and I'm 28 weeks. Normal for any child is less than 10 mm. They told us at 20 weeks to expect 1-2 mm per week. His head circumference was 29 cm which is approximately 4 weeks ahead (measuring 32-33 weeks).

The good news though, is the amniotic fluid around the baby is down to 22. It was 20 at 20 weeks and had jumped to 27 at 24 weeks. Normal is less than 18. Having excess amniotic fluid goes along with hydrocephalus and I was getting a little worried that if it kept increasing at that rate I would be VERY uncomfortable by the end of this pregnancy. My belly measures the same as someone full term already so I didn't know what I was going to look like or feel like by the end, since I still have 11 or so weeks left.

They took more 4d pictures of him, and, my has he changed!! Steve says he looks like Micah now, ha!! I don't know, I just still think he has Megan's nose.

By the way, the "spot" on his head is just where he is smashed up against me, not a matching birthmark with Daddy!

The doctor then talked about going to Omaha and getting the appointments set up for the perinatologist and the pediatric neuosurgeon. His wonderful nurse, Jenny, had the appointments set up before I left. We'll see the perinatologist on Monday and the neurosurgeon on March 27th. I'm looking forward to meeting these people and starting to get some things in line. I'll update on those appointments as they happen.

I'll leave you with one last picture. This is me taken this week. I figured I better take some pic's of this belly before it's over. I had come home from work this weekend and Mason came up to me, lifted my shirt, and exclaimed,


So I guess that should be the title of this picture! ha!


Sherri said...

That's funny. You must be meeting with Puccioni before he performs surgery on Miles that same day!

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

I just figured out that you and Sherri were both in Nebraska...and I was going to ask if you two had met eachother (at least via the internet)....and apparently you have! I see that she left you a comment. How neat! Do you two live near eachother? Will your son have the same neurosurgeon as Miles?

Your baby has the cutest face!!! I love these high tech ultrasounds!