Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Omaha appointment

We had our appointment in Omaha on Monday with the perinatologist, Dr Bonebrake. He was wonderful. After a very thorough ultrasound, he said that baby looks as if he is doing well. His ventricles and head circumference are growing, but at a steady rate without any rapid jumps. He says that he does not believe in delivering before 37 weeks, and prefers to wait until 39 weeks; which also is a good thing in our mind. We did not want to have him to deal with any obstacles of prematurity and just be able to be strong for his shunt surgery.

We also got a tour of the labor and delivery and the NICU while we were there. That was very comforting to get to meet some of the nurses and see where we will be staying. We were able also to visit with my cousin's husband Dr. Minderman, who is one of the neonatologists at Children's/Methodist Hospital. It will be nice to have a familiar face while at the hospital.

So, really, nothing too new, but thought it was worthy of at least an update

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Sherri said...

How encouraging! If Dr. Bonebrake doesn't want to deliver until 39 wks, that is a very good sign. Our plan from the beginning was to deliver at 36/37 weeks. The nurses in the NICU were amazing! And I remember Dr. Minderman- he's funny :)