Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog?....What blog?

Okay, so I've fallen off the blog bandwagon :( I love my blog, hey I just redecorated; but life is starting to get busy again! Or...should I say busier! I officially go back to work tomorrrow. Bummer... it's a good thing I LOVE what I do, because I have REALLY enjoyed being home. Unfortuneately, I carry the insurance and it's pretty good insurance. Steve works for a small (2 employee) company, so NO benefits. And now we'll ALWAYS have to have good insurance> So it's back to work I go.
School is starting soon, like the 18th! Some of you may or may not know; we homeschool, so truly we could wait on this a week, but I like to have a schedule and stick with it if possible. I haven't even pulled out my materials yet (good thing I bought them while I was still pregnant!). I need to get my heiny in gear! Really, all I need is one GOOD day to get ready. Hopefully that'll be this Sunday or Monday.
And, Mr. Matthew does not understand the meaning of bedtime yet. I don't know why, but bedtime usually comes somewhere around 2-4 a.m. for me. See he's in our room, and I try to keep him quiet as Steve has to work in the morning; which usually puts us in the living room. I haven't slept more than 3 hours straight in my bed for a LONG! time. I'm itchin' for a routine, but I can't seem to get him into one. Between his last surgery, reflux and figuring out he's intolerant to dairy in my milk, he's not been the happiest camper. may not see much of me around these parts for a couple weeks...please forgive me. I will return when we get into a groove! I'm a little worn and weary, PRAISE GOD I have older children who can help me and let me nap in the afternoon. I am very blessed!!
I will however (hopefully) in the next couple days post some pictures. Matthew has made his first friend! We were able to get together with another family here in Lincoln who's child was also born with hydrocephalus. His Mommy, Sherri, also has a blog and has been a huge inspiration and "go-to" person when questions arise. Miles is 4 1/2 months older than Matthew, it helps to know where we're going! Sherri, her husband Joe, Greta and Miles came to our home Monday and we had great time and the kids played well. Our kids had a blast with their daughter, Greta, who is 2. I had to GENTLY remind them though, that she is only 2. They wanted to bounce her on the trampoline and all sorts of other things!
Well, off to deal with Mr. fussy. He's had his share of his swing.


Kristen said...

LOOOVVEEE the new background!

I read on Sherri's page too about your get together! How fun!!!

Good luck returning back to work. I pray it's a smooth transition.

Lisa said...

Darling new background!!

Good luck with school!

Anonymous said...

Jill- you are an inspiration to me! Your family is just beautiful and i'm so glad i've been able to keep up with matthew on your blog. I pray God will carry you through this busy time!

Dana H.