Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 months old and doctor appointments

It's a little late, (like a week) but here's his 2 month picture. He was NOT happy that day. He had just gotten his first shot. Only 1 picture that he wasn't screaming his little heart out. At the doctors he was 10 lbs 5 oz and 21 3/4 long(10-25%). His head circumference was 42 cm(97%).

Today he THREE doctor appointments!!! The first doctor appointment was the pediatric neurosurgeon. We met Sherri there! How cool, huh! Dr Puccioni says everything is great! We don't see him for 2 months! Yeah!

Next we drove to Omaha to see Dr. Troia, he opthamologist. They did an eye exam; and it was AWFUL! We won't do that again. They dilated his eyes and they put numbing drops in them. Then he proceeded to use a clamp that clamped onto his eyelids and then PRIED his eyes open and wouldn't let them close to even blink. Then they took this stick-like instrument and started moving his eyeballs all around. It was HORRIBLE!!!! He just screamed! and momma cried, too. He says everything is normal and his optic nerves look wonderful. Good news; if he had to be traumatized. He wants to see us again when he is 6 months old. I asked him is he was going to have to do that test again and he said, "no". I told him that was good, because we wouldn't come back if he was going to. I don't think I can EVER do that again. He had big marks on his eyelids for over an hour.

The last appointment was with the pediatric surgeon who did his hydrocele surgery. I'm glad I didn't make a special trip to Omaha just for that. I waited in his office for almost an hour. Then he came rushing in and took his diaper off and said, "looks great, the steri-strips will fall off in another week". Well, I could've told you that. He was seriously in the room maybe 30 seconds. It's an HOUR drive! Thank goodness I was already there! Matthew had enough trauma for the day though, so I'm glad in a way it was no more than that.

That was an exhausting day! Whooo! Well time to relax! And smooch my baby!


Lisa said...

How cool that you got to see Sherri. You ladies are lucky to live near one another!

What a day you had.....what a day Matthew had! That eye exam...yuck! I can't believe that they clamped his eyelids! Elisabeth had that same test done....but there was no need for clamps...I wonder why they thought it necessary to do that. Anyhow, I am glad it's over for Matthews sake.

Take care.

Kristen said...

Wow, 3 doctor appt's in one day!! That's busy! But how awesome you got to see Sherri!! I second what lisa said "you ladies are lucky to live near one another!"

My heart broke as I read about the eye exam. It was a horrible experience when they did Cayman's eye exam when she was still in the NICU. She was still on the respirator then so the poor sweetheart couldn't even cry if she wanted to. There's at least some emotional release when you can cry. Her eyelids were swollen for over a day. I blogged about it on March 13th titled "More Nesting".

That picture of Matthew is so cute! I love that little shirt you have on him! I just want to hug him!!

Sherri said...

It was so great to see you both this morning! Matthew is even cuter in person :) Sounds like you had a full day. I'm a little upset myself about the eye Dr...Miles just had his first appointment with Pediatric-Neuro-Opthalmologist Dr. Legge this month(he's from Omaha, but does a clinic in Lincoln like Puccioni)they didn't do anything bad to him at all! The worst part was the eye drops. That just sounds awful :(
Anyway- we'll definitely have to plan a get together sometime in August! We ARE lucky to live in the same city and need to take advantage of it :)
Have a good week. I LOVE Matthew's photo- he looks so sophisticated!

Kim said...

Hey Jill,

I got your card today with the cute pictures of the kids. James can't believe how big Mason has gotten. It will be fun to see you at Christmas.