Friday, April 17, 2009

Another week

Boy, I haven't posted for a long time: and it's been an interesting couple weeks. I'm just gonna start rambling and see where I end up.

Last week, Steve found out the shop he has been temporarily renting was sold. Yes, sold. See, he is in a small part of a VERY large building that has been unoccupied for over 6 years. So the person who owns the property stated he could use it until he got a strong clientele or the building sold. Now this place, like I said, has been vacant for 6 years or so. One would think that we'd have some time in there(We were hoping for a year). Well, as luck would have it, it sold. And Steve has to get out, like immediately. So the mad rush began for Steve to find another building. Today, I am happy to say that he found a shop. The location isn't as ideal as we'd like, but the price is right and the landlord is very gracious. My dad will be here in the morning to help Steve dismantle his old shop and move over to his new location.

Easter was fairly uneventful at the Soldatke's. I worked the whole weekend; but the kids did get to hunt some eggs throughout the house Easter morning. And Matthew got to wear the cutest outfit to church..that I tried to photograph..but he was too crabby for.

Matthew has been fussy off and on for the better part of 2 weeks. Something just wasn't right, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Monday and Tuesday night we spiked fevers of 103. So Wednesday afternoon, his pediatrician wanted to see him just to make sure everything was ok. She really wasn't sure what was wrong, and with his fussiness and his fevers, she thought it would be best to send him to Children's ER to have some tests done. I am proud to say that this was the first ER visit to Children's that we were not admitted!!! Yay!! After some blood work and a thorough assessment, it was deemed a combination of a viral infection, teething and the need to have a HUGE bowel movement (which was produced shortly after a rectal temperature) Thursday he was a new man!!

Thursday we had physical therapy in the morning and then we were off to the Children's museum with my friend Jaime and here cutey nephew, Easton. I will upload pics of the event hopefully tomorrow (although I didn't get too many because Matthew screamed through most of the museum) We went out for lunch downtown and then headed home for our occupational therapist to come over.

Matthew did so good today. Not only did he have 2 therapy sessions in one day, but he tolerated OT for over an hour. We are starting to notice his vision improving because he is consistently hitting at objects and at PT he got a glimpse of his foot and grabbed at it. It's an amazing thing to watch! It's so great, I really am ecstatic about it! I bought him a ball (that I'll take pictures of ) that he absolutely loves. It's perfect for his sensory needs (and it was cheap too!) Then, his OT told me the bad (very bad)news. She put in her two weeks this week and her last day is next Friday. She's moving to California. When she told me, it felt like I'd been punched in the gut. I totally got the wind knocked out of me. I was (and am) so sad. Matthew has THE BEST occupational therapist. THE BEST. And she's helped us get where we are today. I feel like Matthew and I have connected with her so closely. Like, I catch myself saying, 'well my therapist says......{fill in the blank}' numerous times. People must think I'm getting psychotherapy or something (which I probably need) and then have to rephrase my sentence....'Matthew's therapist says...'.I am truly devastated and can't talk about it or type about it without crying. I know, it's crazy, but it's true...we'll be losing a tremendous person that comes into our home each week. I'm not quite sure what we'll do. I was already having anxiety and trying not to think about her not coming to the home and doing Matthew's therapy when he turned 3 years old (once children are three, their therapy happens in the school setting) So this was a blow I wasn't expecting. I thought I still had 2 more years. And sure, another therapist will start coming into the home each week, but it's not gonna be the same..........okay enough about that, my eyes are so swollen I can hardly read the screen.

Well, that's what we've been up to the last few weeks. Not the most positive of weeks, but our life none the less. I'll try to upload pics soon.


Kristen said...

I think, the Soldatke's like drama. You're almost like a living soap opera. I'm not a soap watcher but I've seen enough to know that when it flashes between scenes, every story line has some drama in it...

What stress you have had with Matthew's seizures, not feeling well, Steve losing his job, Steve starting his own job, the adjustment of your kids going out of the home for school, you're a working mom, and now your therapist {err, I mean Matthew's therapist} is leaving.

I am so glad Steve was able to find a shop! And it's so thrilling to hear about Matthew reaching out to touch things. How exciting.

You and your family may have drama, but you're still way classier than a soap opera! :o)

Josephine said...

I totally understand the devastation of your therapist leaving - I was just thinking about that yesterday and how horrible it will be when we lose Lisa, Avery's PT....we've been blessed that we've been able to follow her to her new job when she left early intervention, and that we've been able to stick with her still even after Avery started PT in the preschool setting, but I know it won't last forever....I hope Matthew's new therapist is able to fill the old one's shoes... :)

Tyler said...

I know how you feel when you lose an AWESOME therapist. when Tyler turned 3 he transferred to the school system and had to get all new therapists. They had some huge shoes to fill b/c his previous therapists were great! It's almost been a year and I still keep in contact with them even though they don't see Tyler. We miss them so much. It sucks when you have a good thing/rhythm going you have to change everything up.
Well I hope the new therapist works out as well as the other and fills her shoes.

Lisa said...

So sad that your OT is moving :( I know I would be upset too if ours was leaving!

Glad that Matthew is feeling better and SUPER glad that his vision is improving :)