Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A hard day

Today we said goodbye to our awesome OT, Jo. She's leaving us to head for sunny California. I am unbelievably sad and we are going to miss her greatly. This whole week I have been a mess of emotions, but I handled today better than I expected. We are only hoping that we can stay in contact with her and that when she ventures back to Nebraska, she stops in.

Matthew was super exhausted in this picture as he'd had a full hour and a half of therapy, and hadn't taken a nap yet.

Matthew's goodbye gift to Jo

While Jo was here, Beth (our PT) had a vendor bring out a "Kid Kart" to try. A kid kart is a pediatric type wheelchair. This will help us get Matthew in a bet position and get him more upright so he can work on head control. This made the day even harder. No matter how you try to word it, this is one of our first pieces of equipment specially designed for kids with special needs. Up till now, we haven't needed anything-but this is a reminder of Matthew's need for 'special' things and its hard, no matter how you look at it. Matthew actually loved the seat and smiled the whole time he was in it. This is just a trial seat, we're going to get to play with it for 1 week, to see how we like it. There is actually one other brand that we want to see, before we make our decision. It is called the 'Kimba' and we'll hopefully get to see that one within the next couple weeks, so we can make our decision. Here are some pictures of Matthew trying out the new seat.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you had a yucky day. We should go to coffee sometime or the park with the kids. Hang in there! :)

Tyler said...

Matthew looks so good in his kid cart. That was a big adjustment to us also with the whole "special" equipment thing being in the house. It sort of made everything real. But you'll get past that. Our first equipment we had for Tyler was a Tumble Form feeder seat. We actually put it to the side for the first week. I don't know if I was in denial about it or what, but now I don't go anywhere without it.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Carla said...

I am so sorry to hear about your OT. We love ours too & I am dreading him turning 3 & needing to go somewhere else. Matthew looks great in his seat!

Lisa said...

That kid cart looks cozy! Take your time and find the one that's perfect for Matthew :)

Kristen said...

What a tough day...goodbyes like that are always so hard, and I feel your pain of losing Jo. The photo card of Matthew you made for Jo is very sweet. I bet she liked it a lot!! I'm sure it was hard for Jo to say goodbye to you too. I know if I had the opportunity to be around you all the time I know it would be for me.

I'm sure with the emotions running high from the "goodbyes", made it all the more difficult to accept the kid cart into your home. I hope and pray that you will find it so useful it will heal your pain that you feel right now.