Friday, January 15, 2010

My studious girl

Megan came to me before Christmas vacation, and said, "Mom I can't see the board sometimes from my seat at school." She sits in the back row, so I didn't think too much about it, but she wanted to go to the eye doctor. We made an appointment, and low and behold she has an astigmatism and is nearsighted. She was so excited to pick out pretty new glasses.
I got the phone call today from the eye doctor that her glasses had come in. When I picked up Megan from school, and drove her to the eye doctor, she literally bounced out of the car and ran to get her glasses. She is loving having glasses. We'll see how long that lasts!
I remember in kindergarten she had a visit with the eye doctor, and she left crying because she wanted glasses so bad and they told her that her vision was perfect. Funny girl.


Carla said...

Such cute glasses! Thats funny how she wanted glasses, most kids don't want them even if they need them.

Shelly said...



Your friends,
Aubrey & Ms. Shelly

Tyler said...

She looks great in them. I remember when I got glasses, I was running and screaming b/c I didn't want them. I'm so glad she likes them.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Kristen said...

Haha, that is a funny girl! Man, I wish I had her enthusiasm for glasses back when I was a kid. I practically needed therapy to work through the trauma I felt when the eye doctor told me I needed glasses. I am so glad Megan is thrilled.

I think Megan looks so much like you by the way!

Keeslermom said...

I get mine next week. Sadly, I am not excited at all. Looks cute Megan!

Lisa said...

She looks so cute! I always wanted glasses too.....but never got my wish.

Now that I am in my thrities I am hoping my perfect vision lasts as long as possible! :)