Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go, Matthew, Go!

When I posted about Matthew's new chair, I got a comment on that post from Barbara over at therextras. She encouraged me to try to get Matthew more upright, even if it was for minutes a day. Well, I took her comment to heart. I've been getting Matthew as upright as he can be and then waiting until he would tire from it, and then tilting the chair back just a bit until he would tire from that incline, and I'd keep doing that until he got to a place where it wasn't so much work for him to sit up. I looked at those pictures on my blog the other day; and I can't believe the difference he's made in just a short time. Here's some pictures from last month and pictures I took the other day.

And here is a side view: this perhaps speaks more.

Matthew is tolerating being this upright for about 15 minutes, before his head gets a little heavy for him. I'm surprised how quickly we've seen results!!


Tyler said...

That is so amazing! He is getting so strong. Keep up the hard work, Matthew!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sherri said...

He looks so happy and proud to be upright! Too cute!

Kristen said...

Oh wow, that side view really shows it!! That is so awesome to see!

Lisa said...

That is wonderful!!

And can I say that I love your clear tray! When they brought out the sample to our house the tray was clear....and when we got ours last week it was a solid white tray. And then I thought that maybe I had imagined that I had seen a clear try. But apparently not! lol.

I just think the clear one blends in with the room more and isn't so obvious, you know what I mean?

Oh well.....


Chrissy said...

Matthew...your Mommy was right yesterday on the are sitting up like the big kid that you are! :)

Also..Lisa...I read you a PT...the vendor, therapist, and family (ideally) choose either clear or opague trays...for several different reasons (I have my own thoughts...:)). You may want to ask your child's therapist the reasoning behind the solid tray...I'm sure there is one! :)

Anonymous said...

You get the credit, Jill - you are the one doing the work to help him increase his strength in upright.

Thank you for showing everyone how to do this.

And, Lisa, I'm surprised - I didn't think they even sold solid laptrays anymore. A clear laptray allows the child to see his legs. Hope you can contact your dealer to inquire about this.


Hannon! said...

Amazing! Look at that smile!

What a hard worker!

Keeslermom said...

He looks so big! And very happy. What a sweetheart!

Michelle said...

Ahhhh...I just love that smile! When we first started Owen in his tilting seat he could only do about 2 minutes before he would get tired...but just with just a few minutes a day he built up his stamina quickly. Same thing when we tried the stander, just a minute or two at first. It's great to see Matthew making such progress and he looks so great!