Thursday, March 25, 2010

Head control

I've been talking about head control a lot lately. It's one of the things we are working hard on right now. It will open so many doors for Matthew. And most of the time we work on head control in the sitting position either in the corner of the room or with me holding him on the floor. We've now added his stander to the routine. Also, he spends some tummy time on my we're face to the recliner. It gives him incentive to look up if he has something to look at. The other night though, I decided to put him flat on the floor to see if he could overcome gravity. Prior to this, he was always on a wedge or some sort of incline.

Boy was I surprised with the results.
The following pictures were taken in succession over a period of about 90 or so seconds.
I will also preface these pictures by telling you that Matthew is stronger on his left than his right side. Hence the leaning.

Starting to go up: Eyes looking up I guess to see where he's going???

A little farther up....REALLY starting to lean

All the way up...and starting to correct the "lean"

Getting tired and starting to bring his head down.

He's been able to lift his head off the ground (although not quite that far and definately not that long) but he always use to just let it plop when he got tired. This time he ever so slowly let it back down.

I think maybe our hard work and determination may be starting to pay off.


Anonymous said...

Another WOW for showing progress!

This post is a case-study demonstrating that you get to head control by working "in the sitting position either in the corner of the room or with me holding him on the floor". Progress is shown by his ability to hold his head up on the floor.

For so long many therapists guided children to work on the floor - where gravity is too strong in the beginning.

(Thanks for letting me give a little lesson here.) Barbara

Sherri said...

WOW!!!! What a great way to start the morning! He is getting so strong!

Michelle said...

Yippeee!!!! That's some awesome progress. I'm so thrilled for you guys!

Tyler said...

Wow that is awesome!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Gretchen said...


Kristen said...

Oh what progress from all those workouts! He looks fantastic. Not only is he holding his head up, he's propped up on elbows showing some good shoulder strength too.

"Oh Matthew!! I'm so proud of you!! I wish I could give you a big hug!! Tell your mommy to smooch you for me."

Candace said...

How WONDERFUL~! No news like WONDERFUL news! What a BIG deal, Matthew

Keeslermom said...

Hurray for Big Boy!

Katy said...

Well, I think his head control looks great! I forget how long we worked on that particular skill.

Josephine said...

Somehow I missed this post when you wrote it, so I'm only just seeing it now, and how exciting!! This is great!!