Monday, March 22, 2010

We're still around

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here. I think we've figured out the right "recipe" to keep Matthew from vomiting (for the most part). The kids were on spring break last week and we survived...we slept in a lot and played a lot. The very best news this week is this:

It took almost 6 months (in fairness 3 of the months were too cold to look at homes) but it's sold!!!! We are so excited. The family that bought our home is from out of town and their children need to finish the school year, so we plan on closing in June. That is fine with us because it may take us that long to find a house :)

And yes, that is once again SNOW in this picture. Last Thursday it was 60 degrees, and by the next afternoon there was snow falling! Good thing it wasn't much accumulation and it is all but gone after the weekend. Spring has to be just around the corner!


Lisa said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Congrats on the sale of your home.

Happy House Hunting!

(you should go on House Hunters...I LOVE that show)

Kristen said...

*spoken in a snarly tone* Yeah, your Nebraska weather is now visiting us! Poo!!

And yay for your house selling!! It took 6 months for our 1st home to sell too. It's right at that mark on the timeline when you begin to wonder if it's ever going to happen! But hooray, it did!! Now I pray nothing falls through and it's finalized with those signatures in June!

I like Lisa's should go on House Hunters. IT would be a blast to watch you on TV!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!! Great news on your house selling, that has to be a huge relief! Congrats. And happy to hear that Matthew is doing better too!

Michelle said...

No, I'm not anonymous, just dropped the phone on the enter key :-)

Candace said...

YEAH!SO glad the house sold! Good to see ya posting again!