Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Tour: Day 4

The Master bedroom, the master bath and the laundry room

I really like our bedroom. It's nice and spacious, it has a regular closet and also a walk in closet. There is a 3/4 Master bath also in the room.
We will be repainting this room and re-carpeting this room soon. The carpet in this room, we're pretty sure, is original and pretty stained. The window covering are also going to replaced. This room will then be ready to go. (The dresser on the left has a matching mirror for the right side, but it is broke and needs replacing.)

Another view of the bedroom, taken outside the master bath

It was hard to get a picture of the master bath cuz it's little. On the other side of the shower (if you busted that wall out) is my walk in closet that will someday be sacrificed to enlarge the master bath and make the shower handicap accessible. For now we will be ripping out the carpet (again...who puts carpet in bathrooms...and when was the last time you vacuumed your bathroom??? I prefer to scrub my bathroom floors thankyouverymuch), the countertop and sink, and the toilet. The lighting is funny, but the toilet is a blue color and matches the sink and walk in shower. Funny trends that were popular 30 years ago.

And finally the laundry room. This room doesn't seem to fit in the flow of the pictures I been putting up, but it's the last room upstairs to show. This room is off the garage (right when you walk in the house, sort of like a mud room) and right behind the kitchen.

I almost re-took the picture because it's a bit messy, but then I decided to leave it as is. This is what my laundry room looks like most day's anyway.
Behind those spindles is a toilet, and opposite it (behind the dryer) is a utility sink. The room does close off with a pocket door for privacy. I personally like the toilet in here, especially when the kids are running in from outside.
And I love the utility sink for soaking things.
There is a cabinet to the right of the washer that holds my cleaning supplies and such. I love having this laundry room. I don't plan on doing a thing to it. It's a LAUNDRY ROOM. My last laundry room wasn't even finished. I'm just happy it's on the main floor and it has some space to it. Ah...the simple pleasures in life :)

Up tomorrow:

The basement including the big kids' rooms


Kristen said...

In the picture, the blue painted walls in the master bedroom look beautiful. I like blue in the bedroom though. It's calming.

I'm drooling over your laundry room. It's nice, spacious, and most importantly to me, it's not in the basement. :) hehe

Lisa said...

I agree, you have a great master all the light that the windows let in. I even like that blue color.

I also am completely jealous about your laundry room. Literally the ONLY thing that I don't love about my current home is that the laundry room is tiny (only big enough to squeeze the washer/dryer in) and does not have any source for natural light. I am a window girl, 100%.

SO....a year or so from now when Donald and I build a home to suit Elisabeth's needs....I hope to have a laundry room just like yours!!

Tyler said...

Got to love laundry rooms on the main level. I hated that about our old house.

Diane, Tyler's mom