Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Church campout

This last weekend, our family (minus Micah, he spent the afternoon and night at a friends house) spent the whole day Saturday out at one of our church's campgrounds with the Adventure club group. Adventure club can best be likened to a Christian form of Boy scouts or Girl Scouts group. It is for 1st-4th graders, and they learn all kinds of things, and earn badges and honors for their accomplishments.

The day was chilly. We got out to the camp early, and had worship around the campfire. Then the kids all went off with their leaders for a scavenger hunt and nature walk. They also took rides on the rope swing. Matthew and I stayed back, and stayed warm around the campfire.

We ate a potluck lunch at the lodge, and spent the afternoon visiting, staying warm and letting the kids play, and work on honors in their groups.

Then evening came and it was time for another campfire (although, I'm pretty sure this fire was lit all day) and a hot dog supper. After supper we gathered for worship.

Oh, how I LOVE worship around a campfire. Matthew loved it, too. He smiled and cooed through the whole thing.

Mischievous grin from the cutest 6 1/2 year old I know!

And then...bring on the marshmallows! Can't be a complete camp fire with out marshmallows!
That one looks a little toasty, Megan

As the sun went down, it got REALLY cold. Matthew and I snuggled in.

And Steve, well, Steve stayed crouched close to the warm fire.....

Roasting marshmallows and dough boys,

and by the judge of Mason's face in the picture below....
snitching someone else's doughboy's too :)

We had a really good time. And when it got too cold and everyone else was talking about "roughing it" in their tents with the forcasted low temperature of 37 degrees, we packed up our goods and our kids, and jumped in our already running van and headed for our nice comfy beds.


Diane said...

Looks like fun times. I think Megan and I like our marshmellows the same way. And I would have packed up too and stayed in my own bed. 37 degrees is cold...brrrr.

Keeslermom said...

S'mores and campfires, friends, fun and home to bed is my kinda camping!

Kristen said...

Worship songs around a campfire...I agree, it's pretty wonderful!

Megan looks so great in those frames. I don't remember them from before. Maybe they're new or I'm just forgetful.

And Jill, you look positively beautiful in that photo of you and Matthew snuggling near the fire.