Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One month old!!

Matthew turned 1 month old on the 20 of June (friday). And in true fashion of a mother with 4 kids, I'm just now getting pictures I took of him that day! We were in North Carolina that day and he was wide awake, I couldn't resist some pictures.

Now these next pictures are especially for Grandma Shumaker. She tried all day Sunday to get pictures of him with his eyes open. Well around 1am that night (really early Monday) he must have decided he would comply with her request (a little late) as he was WIDE AWAKE for 3 hours!!! So, I took pictures!

Sunday, Mom and Dad had a party for us so that everyone could come see Matthew. It was so much fun and so good to see everyone. Matthew got to meet most of my aunts and uncles, two cousins of mine, three second cousins and even Matthew's great grandparents. He also got to see some people from grandma and grandpas church! What a great time we had!

Tuesday Matthew had a CT scan and then saw the neurosurgeon. He said everything looks good, but wanted to turn down the shunt a bit as one of the sutures on his head had a little ridge where one plate had sunk under the other. Turning it down will help that a bit as it will drain less fluid. It really is a balancing act, and we can always turn it back up if needed. It's a very simple procedure and takes seconds and painless. It's just controlled with a magnet. Early intervention came over late Tuesday afternoon and OT will start coming every 2 weeks to work on strengthening neck muscles, and any other needs that will come up in the future.

Sorry I have not been updating the blog as much as I used to. Having 4 children is truly a joy, but between them and the doctor's appointments, we have been VERY busy. I can say that no news is going to mean good news!~


SuzanSayz said...

I remember when Lisa told me about the shunt being controlled by a magnet. I immediately wondered if that meant we had to keep her away from magnets. Good luck with your 1 month old Matthew. I'm sure it's hard to believe that all that you have gone through in the last month has only been a month.

Kristen said...

I am sure 4 kids and all the appointments certainly keeps you hopping.

Matthew is really a month old already?! Yet with so much happening in just one month it would seem he's been around even longer.

I'm so glad to hear you have all your therapies and early intervention set up. Living at my in laws, now moving, and being in the hospital so much as really made it difficult for us to get these services on a regular for Cayman. Hopefully now with this completely brand new shunt everything will work for a very long time!! :o)