Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Where is the time going??

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've updated the blog. It's gotten busy here. Matthew has kept his mommy busy.

Friday the home health nurse came and when she weighed him, he had lost weight (only 1 ounce) but it was concerning since he should be gaining weight. Dr Springman called me and wanted me to go over to a place called "Milkworks". It's a shop here in Lincoln that specializes in babies and breastfeeding. It is staffed with a pediatrician and lactation consultants. It's a wonderful resource that, as a nurse, I often refer new parents to when they are taking their baby home and have questions concerning breastfeeding.
Anyway, they had me weigh him before and after I fed him to see how much he was "getting" when he ate. They were satisfied with what he is getting but thought it would be a good idea to rent a scale for the week and take it home to keep track of how much he was eating with each feeding. So, a little extra work for me. Weigh him before and after each feeding along with keeping track of all his wet and poopy diapers. Dr. Springman wanted all that information for our Monday appointment. So that's what we did the whole weekend. I thought I was going to go crazy keeping track of everything by Sunday night.

Saturday afternoon we went out to friends house for supper and some fun at there acreage. They had a kiddy pool set up and the kids played outside and we grilled for supper. The kids had a great time and slept good that night.

Monday we had a Dr. appointment at 4 pm. They checked his weight (up 2 ounces, yeah!!!) and then drew some blood work to check his level of phenobarbital (medication for seizures). They also did his circumcision (ouch!!). They had not wanted to do it at the hospital because of everything he'd been through. So everything went relatively well and we don't have to see her again for 3 weeks unless there is a problem. yeah! As much as we absolutely LOVE our pediatrician( she it the ABSOLUTE best), it's a hastle to take four kids to the doctor.
We did get a phone call from the Dr.'s office today; his phenobarbital level was perfect.

The most exciting news. Duke called us today and WE'RE GOING TO DUKE ON JUNE 18TH--YEAH!!! I bought plane tickets today, and the Lord has blessed as we found tickets very inexpensive, I couldn't believe it. We will be flying american airlines, and they started charging for baggage as of Sunday. so we'll be packing LIGHT!! I'll have to give up packing 3 outfits for everyday, :) I think the baby will probably have more clothes than me!!!

Today, the home health nurse came again and he was up a 1/2 ounce from Monday, so still doing good!

Tomorrow, Matthew will get his first professional pictures taken in the morning. Then he has a ultrasound of his sacrum (lower backbone) tomorrow at St. Elizabeth.

Thursday home health comes again and friday we're appointment free!!!

I haven't taken too many pictures of the baby as all he does is eat and sleep!! But I've had quite a few requests for more pictures, so I'll try to do a picture post before the weekend.


Sherri said...

Jill-That is so exciting about Duke!! I wish I would have known about that before Miles was born! Sounds like things are going really well for you. Glad to hear Matthew is gaining weight. I can't wait to see more photos! Hope you are getting rest :)

Lisa said...

Wow, you have been busy :) Keeping track of the untake and output must make you feel like you are at work.

I am so excited that you are taking Matthew to Dr. Kurtzberg on the 18th!!! Woohoo! Think of the wonderful things that those cells might do!

Take care, and enjoy that sweet baby :)