Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have been...

..staying up late with Matthew and sleeping in way too long (we missed therapy twice this week!) my house. I am sick of all this stuff; goodwill is going to love me. I'm almost done with my bedroom. Next up, Matthew's room: Mason now wants to be upstairs again, and there is not enough room for the both of them!

.....seeing doctors. Matthew went to the doctor today. He was having ALOT of seizures and he also has an infection around his g-tube stoma. He got a dose of ativan...and he's been sleeping ever since; he was also within a whisper of another ambulance ride; but the medicine decided to work. On the good side of things; Matthew weighed in at 20lbs! We're up 2 pounds in 5 weeks!

...using my blender. Matthew's pediatrician wanted to switch his g-tube feedings over to pediasure; upon further investigation of the can of formula; I was unhappy with the ingredients. 1st ingredient water, 2nd ingredient sugar, then milk products (which Matthew is intolerant to) and then just chemicals to balance it out. So I went to google and did some investigation. I found a book written by a dietitian and a occupational therapist and a group of families who blend REAL food and make there own meals for there loved ones. I've been working with a local dietitian and I think we've got a recipe that we like, that provides the right amount of calories, fat, protein and nutrients for Matthew. Matthew seems to be thriving! The weight gain is evidence of that!

...contemplating that summer is quickly approaching an end for the kiddos :(

..spending time with friends and their kiddos doing warm summer activities!

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Kristen said...

Your life is so interesting, full of stories, some fun, some drama. But you know what my favorite part about you how much you laugh! There's time when I need to smile I just think of your laugh. It works everytime!

Lisa said...

de-cluttering is my FAVORITE thing to do. There is no better feeling than dropping off a load of stuff to the goodwill.

By the jaw dropped when I read that Matthew also had an attached frenulum. I mean, seriously, how is it that our two have SO much in common? Amazing.