Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One tough cookie!

( This picture shows Mason's true character-he makes our house so fun!)

Last Friday around Mason comes running up the stairs, and says "Mommy, I'm bleeding" in a very calm voice....and then turns around. I gasped. Blood was pouring out of his head. Now, Mason wasn't crying and (as many of you know), head wounds do tend to bleed a lot, so I tried to not get too bent out of shape. I quickly grabbed some towels and cleaned up his head. When I got a closer look, I knew he would need stitches. It was DEEP. Thankfully when I called the doctor's office, our pediatrician had an open appointment in 10 minutes. See we loaded (quickly) in the car and off we went.

When we got to the doctor everyone kind of had this panicked look, and the receptionist said; 'is this Matthew?' I said, "Why, sure THIS is Matthew (pointing into the stroller), but we're here with Mason." A look of relief swept over everyone's faces. Apparently the nurse we talked to accidentally clicked the wrong name when we called and everyone thought Matthew had busted his head open!!! (And they were of course, all wondering how that happened!)

Back into the treatment room we went. Dr. "S" numbed him up and Mason didn't even make a peep! I couldn't believe it. He just would squeeze his eyes shut with each poke. This little guy is tough as nails, I tell you! Three stitches later, we were on our way back home.

What I find most interesting is Mason's account of the incident of the injury. He told me...."Micah and I were wrestling, and I had a boxing glove on. Micah pushed me and I went FLYING!!! Then I landed on my head and blood came gushing out everywhere!" (That is word for word...oh and by the way, we are almost sure his head came in contact with a lego piece..causing the gash). We have since banned wrestling from the house!!


Kristen said...

LOL! Too funny that he throws in the detail of him wearing a boxing glove, even though, it seems to have no significance to the incidence.

Connie said...

Tell Mason he is a tougher with head wounds than his auntie Kim. When she was about 5 1/2 she ran around the dining room in my mom's house and smacked right into the corner of the wall and split her head open right above her eye. Needless to say she wasn't as cooperative when she was sown up! Good job Mason. You'll have to ask Auntie Kim to show you her scar!

Shelly said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mason -- you are in deed one brave little man! Those kinds of events at our house don't play out as smoothly as yours! Your mom did not even mention this head injury yesterday on the phone -- just another calm day at the Soldatke home! AMAZING! :)

Kim said...

My mom stole my story. I put a hole through my lip in college though. I called my mom in tears then. Those stitches hurt so bad..

Lisa said...

Once again, what a blessing that you are a nurse. I am sure that you react to these things better than I would!

Glad he's OK :)

Sherri said...

Wow! What a day!He certainly is tough. He is also such a happy, easy going little guy. Glad everything turned out ok!