Thursday, May 13, 2010

New toy

Early intervention brought Matthew some new toys. They are all activated by switch so Matthew can learn to control of his toys and cause and effect. This little toy below is a toy that normally hangs on a crib. It has a monkey and other jungle animals that move and it plays music and has lights. These type of crib toys are Matthew's favorite. Look at him studying this intensely.

The purple button is the switch that makes it turn off and on. He is starting to get the hang of it. We are playing with it everyday.

See how much he loves it?

****Matthew is currently in MRI as I am typing this; he having an MRI of his spine. Matthew has been having issues lately with urine retention, constipation and can be common for kiddos with neuro problems to have a tethered spinal cord. This is what they are looking for...we are actually hoping they find something because it will hopefully alleviate some of the issues he is having****


Anonymous said...

Hope you get some answers!!
He looks SO great sitting there :)
LOVE his reaction, too...priceless!!

Lisa said...

Hopefully Matthews MRI will give more answers than Elisabeth's did :)

Let us know!

Grandma Cindy said...

Jill - He is such a handsome little guy!!! No wonder Cayman is smitten. He looks great!
Have any plans to come back to Ohio? Grandma Cindy loves to cuddle.

Michelle said...

He looks like the he's just on top of the world! How wonderful is that?

We'll be praying for answers!

Tyler said...

Tyler has a few switch toys and loves them. I love the pictures!!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! He looks really good sitting and looking! Glad to read he is learning to hit the switch.

I already read where he has a tethered cord. He will remain in my prayers but I expect a good outcome from the surgery. Thank goodness for good diagnostics.


Keeslermom said...

He loves that toy! What a cutie!

Kristen said...

These pictures of him are adorable! His facial expressions are to die for!!