Thursday, May 6, 2010


Edited at 9:33

Cayman is out of surgery, her shunt is draining to the outside of her body and she is now extubated (off of the breathing machine) and awake. The doctors also think she may have a blood clot. This is the last text message I've heard from Kristen. She and I will hopefully talk this evening and I will post more. Thank you so much for praying for her!! They are an amazing family! God is good!


I've put this on facebook and I feel the need to put it here. I don't have alot of details but Matthew's friend, Cayman is VERY sick. She is on life support and life flighted from her home town to the University of Michigan. They think it may be her shunt...She is very sick and is in surgery right now, but they are concerned about her making it through surgery. Please pray with me for this family. They are very dear to my heart.

Thank you!


Zoe said...

How awful!!! Cayman, Kristen, and Mike are in my prayers!!!!! Please keep us posted as much as you can.

Hannon! said...

I've been praying all day for the Stamm family. And, have been connecting to Facebook for status updates. Last I heard she was out of surgery.

Teri D said...

I am part of a prayer chain, request for Cayman is the very next thing I send out, I have fallen in love with that little angel over time love your little guy also.