Sunday, December 19, 2010

Never in my life:

Have I been so happy to find out that Matthew has a bladder infection!!

Matthew's doctor came in singing Christmas carols this morning and looked at me and said, "he has a bladder infection". We both looked at each other and said "YES!!!"in an excited tone.

I know it sounds weird; but a bladder infection is good on many levels.
#1 We don't have to go to Minnesota. When Matthew gets a high fever; he typically has weird, uncontrollable seizures. This is what happened when we went to Minnesota last year. The cause of his crazy seizures ended up being a bad pneumonia that wasn't properly diagnosed.

#2. It's easy to fix. Some antibiotics and home we go, soon as tomorrow, maybe.

And he is having the typical fever pattern for a bladder infection. The doctor calls it a picket fence pattern. He spikes quickly at night and stays up there for a while (and it is a stubborn little fever; it takes both Motrin, Tylenol AND cool washcloths to his whole body to get it to break) and then is fine for awhile.

He did spike a fever again last night, and had 1 yucky little "I'm gonna stop breathing and turn blue" seizure. Luckily he was on oxygen already, and his oxygen didn't go terribly low. His fever broke early this morning and he is resting comfortably.

Did I tell you how happy I am that it's a UTI??

Thank you, Jesus!


Michelle said...

Woo hoo!! Doin' the Happy Dance for you and Matthew!

Anonymous said...

Joining Michelle in the Happy Dance!!! That's such great news...glad they'll be able to fix him up & get you home quickly!! Praise the Lord!


Shannon said...

AMEN! I know how exciting "simple" infections can be. Praying for a quick recovery and that your home tomorrow.

Sara said...

Thank goodness this is all it is! Funny how this would be devistating to most parents, but those who have bigger issus we tend to shrug it off like it's a scrapped knee. I hope he continues to do good and gets better from his UTI!

Keeslermom said...

How funny to be so pleased he has a bladder infection! Great news! Now GO HOME and stay there mister!

Quinn's Diary said...

I agree! Thank you Jesus! What a wonderful Christmas Gift!


Diane said...

That is so good to hear and prayers have been answered.

Anonymous said...

An answer to prayers! Barbara

Chrissy said..., once again I am reading your blog several days since you posted. :)....what a huge blessing! I am praying that you all will be home very soon and can enjoy an "uneventful" or downright "boring" Christmas together as a family!...I am so excited to get to spend some time with Matthew in January! Hugs and Prayers! Chrissy :)

Audrey Sue's Mommy said...

Thank you Jesus! I've been keeping up with Matthew by checking my phone - and I can't figure out how to comment.
But, I'm on the computer tonight and I am happy!
So glad it's just a UTI!

Lisa said...

Woohoo!!! Happy Happy!