Friday, December 17, 2010

News story

Here is the story of us that was on our local news: Steve DID not want the microphone. So that left me to talk. While I'm not a huge fan of the camera; it worked out ok.


Melissa said...

God Bless you all. Hope to see you on Super Bowl sunday if it all works out. Merry Christmas.

Jerry, Melissa
Brianna, Tony, Deitrich and Chrystian

Kristen said...

I am tearing up. I love you guys so much! I enjoyed watching this! Thank you for sharing! You talked beautifully and the love is so genuine in you all. And I love he's so shy in the beginning but after spending a weekend at a water park you get to know the funny, extroverted side of him too. What a beautiful family you all are! And those smiles from Matthew, they have brightened my morning.

Diane said...

Okay I probably shouldn't have watched this right before I go to work. Tears of joy were flowing. I am so happy for you guys and your family totally deserved this. I love how the kids were all excited opening their gifts and LOVED those smiles from Matthew :)

Anonymous said...

Steve, Jill and family. We do not have our speakers on the computer; must do that. However, I am so so happy for you. The kids deserve to have such a wonderful surprise. God is good. I love the way the news reporter mimicked Micah's response to a gift. We continue to pray for Matthew. We pray for comfort and healing. Love you. Aunt Delores

Quinn's Diary said...

What a great story! Here is hoping you all have a calm wonderful Christmas, all of you together! The story was great! I'm excited to hear that Quinn will get to play with Matthew soon! YEAH!

Merry Christmas!

Susan and Quinn