Friday, December 24, 2010

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

While we were in the hospital for the greater portion of 6 weeks; I remembered some of the Christmas projects that I wanted to get done. 6 weeks= 4 new stockings. Hopefully sometime between this year and next, Steve and I will also get new stockings :) I would prefer to make these from home however; and not the hospital room.

Merry Christmas!!


Kristen said...

Jill, those are amazing!! Each row of those fair isle patterns must have been a lot to concentrate on so the design would out just right. They look flawless and completely fabulous. And four stockings done in six, I am astonished!! You are my knitting hero.


Merry Christmas!!

Quinn's Diary said...

you are amazing! Do you want to do three more? How expensive are you? Merry Christmas! So glad you are all home for Christmas! Blessings!
Susan & Quinn

Anonymous said...

The stockings are beautiful! So glad you were home for Christmas!

Here's to a better New Year! Barbara