Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of surgery

After I posted yesterday; Matthew's doctor came through and had spoken again with our surgeon in Omaha. He had felt it best that we come up Sunday afternoon, and get settled so surgery could happen ASAP on Monday.
Surprsingly, Matthhew did not vomit all day Sundaymorning (after a night full of it). This morning surgery came through and said that Matthew's O.R. was scheduled at 2 pm. We had some conversation about the vomiting; and the perplexity of Matthew's case. While he is unable to burp since the last surgery (which is normal), he can vomit. Not major, but it doesn't make sense. His history of vomiting does seem "cyclical" and we talked about that. He also seems to start and stop this cycle without explanation. He does however, seem to be worse when he gets dehydrated. It's a catch 22. The more he vomits, the more dehydated he gets, which makes the vomiting worse, and well, you get the picture.
At 12:30, they came to the room, and said that Matthew's procedure had been moved up and they we were going right away. First, they had to do a MRV (which is an MRI of the veins, essentially) to see how big the clot was that had formed in Matthew's port. Then it was off to surgery to replace it.
They took his port out, and replaced it on the opposite side of his body. The surgeon had a difficult time getting it in, and as a result, the poor little guy has a lot of bruising on his chest. He has been a bit uncomfortable tonight, but has also been flashing smiles too. He is resting comfortably tonight, and they have restarted his feedings. He has not so much as even gagged.
I'm sure we will be talking more tomorrow about what we can do if his GI symptoms stay at bay during this hospitalization, but happen again at home. We can only just take one day at a time, but today, all in all, was a good day.


Melissa said...

Praise Be to God. Happy all is going well. your in our prayers.

Brad Gibbs said...

I sure do hope this works for Matthew! No gagging sounds like a great start.

Chrissy said...

Hugs and Prayers!...Matthew...we missed you on Monday!

Linda said...

I found your blog by accident, book marked it, and often check on you guys! I can't imagine how you do it! I pray for you and your family a lot. Hope to hear more good news about Matthew!

TherExtras said...

Matthew is in my prayers.