Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still doing good.

Today has been fairly uneventful. We increased his feedings to full rate yesterday. He is still having some discomfort from his port surgery; but we have been giving him tylenol around the clock to help with that. He got an unexplained rash last night, but a dose of benadryl helped immensely; and the rash hasn't returned.

Today has just been a hang out day. We went for a walk; went to the auditorium to play bingo and got a good nap. He has only thrown up twice; and both times were after medications. The doctors feel that if he has a good night, we can go home bright and early tomorrow. Well, actually we will be stopping by at his neurologists office for a regularly scheduled checkup. And we will need to make an appointment with his pediatrician to get a plan into place that allows for a nurse to come into the home to start IV fluids if and when his retching returns.

We are ready to go home. I am in my my full "hospital funk" mode. For me that entails a very sarcastic attitude,not wanting anyone in my room, and keeping the door closed at all times. When it appears, I know we've been here too long. So hopefully, without much difficulty, we will be heading home tomorrow.


Diane said...

That sounds so good. I pray that you will be home soon.

The Bohemian Teacher said...

Your blog is so beautiful and encouraging. We have two members in our family with special needs and you're right, they have made our lives stronger, richer! Great going you! hugs from a remote corner in France :)