Friday, July 22, 2011

pluggin along...

Matthew is slowly showing progress each day.  By Monday, I got my first smiles from him.

  • His arm is still puffy from the clot in his vein, but today is the first day I can say that I think it's starting to get smaller.
  • His kidneys are back working in full function.  He is getting two different antibiotics in his IV.  One every 8 hours and one every 12 hours
  • He is having lots and lots of retching; more than we've ever seen before.  We've been problem solving for the last few days, and we think we may have finally figured out a couple of reasons why 1) since he was so sick, his brain is still agitated.  This is common when brains aren't 'wired" correctly.  This should get better as Matthew heals. 2) we had to take him off the medication that he takes for gastric motility as it can interfere with one of the antibiotics and cause "sudden cardiac death"..yikes.  The doctors are collaborating and trying to figure out the motility issues, and we are giving him extra ativan while his brain is "angry".  That has seemed to help today.
  • Daily rounds have taken on more of a light hearted tone.  The doctors today told me how worried they were that Matthew might not make it.  .  It's nice to hear them laughing and joking, versus talking in quiet serious voices.
Steve, in his true ornery fashion, is back and at it as like nothing happened.  They have not come up with a cause for his temporary paralysis and weakness, but are guessing that it was a stress response (he denies this..of course)  He sure scared us (and himself if he is completely honest)

I'm going home this weekend to work, and Steve is taking bedside vigil with Matthew.  It will be good to get away for a while, but I will miss my little guy.  I miss my big kids so much.  They are in SD and having a good time, being spoiled rotten.  I can't wait to get home, and spend the last couple weeks with them before school starts.  We sure are hoping by the beginning of next week we can go home!

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Josephine said...

Glad to hear that everyone is progressing in the right direction :) Our prayers will continue for you.