Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still here

Matthew is still at Children's.  Retching, has become a real problem.  He is requiring 7 times the normal amount of his medication that we use to control the vomiting.  He is scheduled for an MRI and rebotoxing his salivary glands (this helps with his secretions) on Thursday.  He has been back on TPN since Monday, and the retching is no better.  The doctors are unsure now if it is brain related, GI related, or secretion related.  This is the only thing keeping us in the hospital.  We're praying they'll figure something out on Thursday that will help him. 

His arm is not swollen anymore, so I believe the clot in his arm is gone.  I believe they will look at his heart again before we leave to see if the vegetation is smaller in his heart.  They do not want us going home on TPN and neither do we.  That is what started this whole ordeal in the beginning.  When he is ready for discharge, he will go home on two IV antibiotics for the next (at least) 4 weeks.

So basically, we've gotta get his retching under control.  It's worse than it ever been (and that's saying a lot), but he still manages to smile in between.  He's a strong kid! 


Kristen said...

Worse than what it has been?? You're right that is saying a lot!! Poor Matthew. How uncomfortable! We'll be praying for this specifically.

Keeslermom said...

It's hard to imagine worse than what it was before. Praying the docs can work it out and get you out ASAP.

Jane said...

I'm sad to hear worse than it has ever been. Poor little guy, good thing he is TOUGH and a FIGHTER. We will continue to pray for healing and help with the wretching so he can come home!!!

Beth said...

WOW - just read your posts about Matthew and Steve. Will certainly add you to our prayers and thoughts.