Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Neurosurgery appointment

Matthew saw Dr. Puccioni; his neurosurgeon yesterday. Matthew had a CT scan on Monday and he was able to look at that. He said he definately sees Matthew's brain tissue expanding as the fluid is going down. He still has enlarged ventricles; but probably always will. I believe that is true for all babies with hydrocephalus. Dr. Puccioni even went as far as saying that his head looks very proportionate to his body( although by statistics his head is in the 97% and his body is 10-25% ) and that his head is rounding and filling in nicely. He was very happy with everything and said he'd see us when he' get this.... 1 YEAR OLD!!!! Wow, it will be nice to have 1 less appointment to think about. Basically if there is a problem with his shunt, we'll know it, and can come see him sooner if need be.

Since Matthew will be turning 6 months old at the end of November, almost all of his doctors will be seeing him this upcoming month-we have LOTS of appointments. I'm hoping to keep up with everything. No more appointments this week, but he does have a few a week for the next 3-4 weeks. Around thanksgiving we have 5 appointments in 6 days!!! whew! So, I'm guessing most of our blog updates this next month will be Dr. appointments.....and maybe some pictures too!

Stay posted...........


Sherri said...

Awesome news! Especially that he can see the brain tissue expanding! (he's never said that to us) So, be encouraged :)
It is so wonderful to see the progress Matthew is making. These little ones are just amazing!

Kristen said...

What wonderful news from the Neurosurgeon!!

And that is a lot of Dr. Appt's. I'll be watching for all the updates.