Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I'm not sleeping

Here's what's keepin me up at night! Please excuse the baby immodesty as I had just finished changing his diaper and forgot to put his jammies back on! It was late ya know!


Kristen said...

Matthew, Matthew, Matthew! What are you doing keeping your mommy up so late? It's not party time! Sleep time!

When I try to play the video it says it's no longer available :o(

Kristen said...

It's tough to be mad when they are just so darn cute!!! I love his smile! He's so precious!!

Grandma & Grandpa said...

How cute! Now if he could just party during the day so you could get some sleep. It is fun to see him happy. Thanks for the video.

Hugs and kisses to Micah, Megan, Mason and Matthew and Mommy and Daddy too!

Anonymous said...

Soldatke Family...What a cute video! So glad we found your blog...a cool way to keep up with how you are doing. You all are in our prayers.

We're excited about hanging out with the kids sometime in late Nov/early Dec...it'll be fun! :o)

Check out our blog at www.echoesofmercysadventures.blogspot.com and click on the Follow This Blog link to become a "follower".

(aka Echoes of Mercy)

Sherri said...

What a precious video! He is so sweet! Glad that he is doing so well and I'm also glad you didn't put his jammies back on so we could see his cute little tummy and legs kicking around :) Thanks for the advice today- sorry I woke you up!

Lisa said...

Oh he is a cutie...even at 3 AM!!! Hope you get some sleep in sometime :)

And by the way...I love the picture on your sidebar that says "if my house is clean, my computer is broken'..that is SO funny!