Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazy, wild, update- short and sweet

Sorry guys- I'm exausted. I will update with further detail but here's a synopsis
  • Matthew and I are home in Nebraska
  • Matthew appears no different than when we left
  • ... But, we do have a plan!!

I'm tired, no EXAUSTED and don't have the energy to go into detail tonight and we have to be up by 5:30 tomorrow for a all day CDC (children's development clinic) appointment in Omaha tomorrow that starts at 8 am. Just wanted you to know that I'll take my laptop with me tomorrow and get everyone caught up. I do think this trip was worth it; just not the results we were hoping for, but hoping that by Christmas we'll have some improvement.

Stay posted....


Kristen said...

I finally had the chance to catch up on all your updates. I haven't been on the internet much lately but my thoughts and prayers were never far away from you and little Matthew.

It must feel good to be home.

I was reading the part about "hypothalmic-pituitary dysfuction". I had forgotten that Cayman's pituitary gland wasn't functioning properly. Her Naturopath we take her to has her on supplements and vitamins that regulate it and her brain function beautifully. About every 3-4 months he retests to see where all her deficiency levels in her body are and treats those areas. Cayman has not been on any medications since April and has not had one seizure. People travel/fly in to get his help. If you ever want to try that route let me know. I'll send you his contact information. I highly recommend him. He's simply simply amazing and I would feel completely lost without having his expertise in Cayman's care. I often wonder where Cayman would be right now if she did not get the care from her Naturopath. I've seen enough that I know it works!!

Just a thought.

Lisa said...

Can't wait to hear the details. Hope you get some rest :)