Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random thoughts

I realized that I hadn't posted in a while, so I thought I'd add some pictures and random thoughts.

Here's a picture of Matthew at the hospital with his leads and cap on.

Here's a picture of Matthew is his bumbo. We're working on head control.

Matthew fell asleep in his bean bag with his crocodile toy. Isn't he sweet!

Here he is sitting in his special tomato chair. He really favors his right side.

Here is a stocking I just finished knitting for a gift. I had a lot of fun with it. I think I'm going to try to knit at least 4 more for the kids for next year. I think I may put their names in there as well.Matthew is now up to his full dose of Depakote and we have weaned him off of his Trileptil. The pediatrician called today and said most of his labs look okay and his depakote is at a therapeutic level. I will call Childrens in Minnesota tomorrow to see what they want to do and if we can start weaning off the phenobarbitol. We are down to 7 medications and realistically hoping to get down to 5 soon. I 'think' the depakote may be helping some. His OT today thought that he looked calmer and more relaxed and she also thought it seemed as if he was having less spasms. It's hard for me to tell, but I think it's better. He does seem more alert and more vocal; we're also starting to see some more smiles and I think he's starting to focus on things again. So we're hopefully going in the right direction.

Matthew has slept through the night now for 5 nights!! Yeah, mommy is getting some sleep!

On a sadder note, Steve went to work today to find out that he did not have a job anymore. This may make things a little interesting for us, but thankfully Steve had some vacation time that he will get. His boss did not think he had to pay him that, but after I informed him that I had called the Nebraska Department of Labor legal authorities and that it would be illegal for him to do that, he seemed a bit more willing to pay him his owed vacation :) Things at Steve's work have been a little touchy for some time, but we were quite surprised that he would let him go 8 days before Christmas. Steve worked for his friend Bart, today and tomorrow will start his job search. We are excited about what better things God has in store for him. We are claiming Jeremiah 29:11 'For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Steve is a hard worker is faithful to his employer and his customers, so I'm sure only good can come from this.

Prayers for a speedy job search are appreciated!


Michelle said...

Matthew is such a cutie! I'm glad to hear that you are seeing some improvement in his seizures. Hopefully that trend continues, and hopefully you can get him off more meds so that he can be more himself. The phenobarbital in particular really seems to zonk them.

I'm sorry to hear about Steve's job though. What kind of a soul fires people just before Christmas? Prayers will certainly be sent that he finds another job in a speedy fashion!

Kristen said...

No way is that Matthew! When did he get so big?! I have this tiny baby still pictured in my mind!!

I'm glad to hear his spasms are getting better. I contemplated playing the lottery so if I won I would have enough money to fly you here to Cayman's Naturopath...and little Elisabeth too. No sweet child should have to go through those horrible spasms.

My heart just sinks hearing about Steve's job loss. We'll be praying that another job will come along quickly. Cayman says, that perhaps since we didn't move closer to Matthew this is his chance to move closer to her. :o)

Kristen said...

Oh and the stocking looks awesome!!! I've taken a temporary break from mine!

Sherri said...

We will most definitely be praying for Steve's job. I'm sure it will work out for the best.
Matthew looks so big! What a cutie!!
I can't believe you made that stocking. That is awesome! When did you have time to do that???!!?

Lisa said...

May I first say that Matthew is such a handsome little man! I just love seeing pictures of him :

Second, I am so sad to hear that Steve lost his job. It is seeming very common these days. My brother in law has been without a job for several months now. And I just found out that my Hallmark shop will be shutting down in one months time. I am so SAD about it (blog post to come about that later).

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Rachel said...


I found out about Matthew from Mick and Michele. I'm a physician assistant now and all medical stuff interests me. Your faith is amazing! I can't imagine going through what you have and what you will go through. You are an inspiration!

You have my prayers for your kiddo and for a job!

Rachel (Taber) McElvain

Anonymous said...

Oh Jill,
I am so sorry about Steve's job loss, everything happens for a reason. Please know you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. You are an amazing woman, stay strong and continue your faith.
Janna Kroeger