Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Video of Matthew

Look at this cute video I shot tonight. Matthew has been doing EXCEEDINGLY well this last couple of days. We have noticed a big decrease in spasms, and an increase in alertness. So I had to show off my cutie!
A couple of things to note. Yes, my livingroom is a mess. We hadn't cleaned up from the birthday gift unwrapping explosion, and the "I'm gunna through everything around the house as soon as we get home from eating" explosion. Just good raw video :)
2nd- Watch him aim and hit his toy. This is something I don't think we've EVER seen him do. I believe his vision seems to be getting better. Andlook at the smiles were getting! They're coming back! And we're seeing a ton of them in the last couple of days.
3rd- my cat gets annoying at the end and I have to quit taping!
4th- you may notice Matthew's face seems a little 'twitchy'. We've noticed an increase in this in the last couple of days. We (and the neurologist) think that it is due to us weaning his phenobarbitol and that it will hopefully get better as his body adjusts.
And lastly, weaning him off his med's (we're down to 5!!! yea!!) has not proved good for his sleeping ability (look at the time of this posting)- He very RARELY sleeps during the day and at the night isn't promising either!



Sherri said...

What a sweet, sweet little guy! He looks just great!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Keep the videos coming :)

Lisa said...

Hurray! I am glad that the spasms are decreasing! Isn't it amazing what a difference it makes in their abilities? That was wonderful to see him batting at the giraffe....looks like we have both had some Christmas miracles :)

So happy for you and Matthew!

Keesler Chaos said...

It was SO fun to see him awake and moving! What a cutie! Hope we see you again this semester! If not, "lets do lunch!"

Delores said...

So sorry Matthew got sick. We are thankful you are home again. Hope he is recovering some each day. Love you so much. Aunt Delores