Monday, February 9, 2009

Another week!

We had a pretty rough weekend, so we're glad for a new week. For some reason, Matthew's NG tube kept getting plugged, no matter what we did. We went through 6 tubes in 6 days. They are meant to last 30 days. We were at the end of our rope! I finally figured out that if we let his meds soak in water for at least 2 hours, they would go down the tube better. As a consequence to all the tubes-this weekend especially- his throat is really irritated and he is coughing a lot. Coughing makes him gag, so it's not fun times for him. We're hoping this tube stays down a lot longer!

This week will be a busy one for us. We have 8--yes 8---appointments. Matthew sure is a well traveled little man.

The kids are getting excited for Valentines day. Megan decorated her valentines box today and we're getting ready to create our cards tomorrow and Wednesday. Fun times; makes me remember all the fun I had with valentines as a kid.

Steve's keeping busy with his new shop. And he's happy, too, which is a big bonus for me!

Matthew is smiling more to faces; especially if we're close. If I get close to his face; he recognizes me and gives a huge grin. It's so sweet! Melts my heart!

I think his seizures seem to be getting better, too. At least today it seems so. Cross your fingers!

Matthew will be dedicated at our church Saturday. We're looking forward to a nice quiet weekend.


Lisa said...

A nice quiet weekend sounds wonderful...especially after 8 appointments!
I am so happy to hear that the seizures are slowing down :) What great news!
And valentines....we are in valentine mode here too....baking cookies, cutting, pasting, coloring. You're right, it does take you back to your childhood :)

Sherri said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough week. How on earth did you figure out to soak the medicine? You are supermom! It is so great to hear about the seizures...I will be praying that it is a permanent thing. Talk later!

Kristen said...

8 appointments in one do you find the time to get anything done? A nice quiet weekend will certainly be well deserved!

I remember the E.I. nurse saying how new stimulation is great for brain development in a baby. So I would always think when we were in another waiting room or Dr. office that this outings and new surrounding is good for brain stimulation. So with 8 appointments Matthew may just be in stimulation overload!

I talked to Cayman's Naturopath yesterday. He had a very interesting response to your experience. I'll call you sometime soon and tell you about it.

Anonymous said...

Jill & family! We're excited to hear that Matthew's Dedication is at church on Sabbath. We'll be there with smiles on our faces & prayers in our hearts. :o)