Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back home again....GRRRR!

Matthew had his upper GI today at 8am today..thank you for your prayers.. the upper GI was completely normal! No refluxing, no aspirating! So that was perfect! We were back in our room by 8:45. We were told the pediatric surgeon would be up in a couple of hours. The residents and hospitalist rounded around 10:45. After they went through what had happened throughout the day before, the pediatric resident said that she had talked to the surgeon and he had said that he would not be coming to see us today and that we could make an appointment in his office to see him either on Wednesday at 3pm or keep our appointment on Friday. WHAT???!!!! You gotta be kidding me! He said we weren't emergent enough to see us in the hospital. That's funny,how would he know?.. he never saw us! Matthew's pediatrician, who sent us in, thought it was emergent enough. Hmm...funny. The hospitalist said it would be fine for us to spend us the night and then they would discharge us tomorrow right before the appointment. I thought, that's crazy. Staying here would only save us a trip to Omaha. There is nothing they would be doing for us that we don't do at home and it would be one more night away from my family and one more night that Steve would have to run solo. I do have three other kids at home. I think doctors forget that. Oh, I was a bit frustrated!!! I said, no thank you, we'll go home! And I'll keep that appointment on Friday. The stubbornness came out in me. I already had a different appointment on Wednesday at 3pm and even though we could've cancelled that appointment and drove back to Omaha tomorrow, I wasn't going to do it! NO WAY!

So basically, he refused to come see us. How rude!

I did talk to Matthew's pedi this afternoon and she was less than pleased or happy! She couldn't believe it. She was quite upset; especially since she talked to the doctors beforehand and they told her to send us up. What a wasted trip. It's too bad they're the only group of pediatric surgeons in town. If there was another group close, I'd get Matthew's records and go elsewhere. But, alas, there is only one group. And they know it, they have us right where they want us! We follow THEIR rules.

So, we'll see the doctor Friday and THEN we'll get to schedule surgery. So maybe next week he'll have surgery...maybe


Sherri said...

awwww. Yuck!
That stinks! One group of pediatric surgeons, one group of neurologists...and they can do pretty much whatever they want. Well, Friday will be here soon and hopefully things will move along quickly for you! Poor little fella. How is he doing? Still sleepy? We'll keep praying.

Lisa said...

I am 'grrrrrrrring' right along with you.

The nerve!

Kristen said...

What?! I agree...how rude!!

Great to hear the upper GI came back with good news!! :o)

Michelle said...

I say, send him a bill for the mileage and time! Oh, and add some for Matthew's (and yours) aggrevation in waiting for them to get around to surgery!