Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello...My name is Jill....and I'm an addict...

I've learned something over the weekend.. I have an addiction... to my COMPUTER and the internet. You see, my laptop is very well loved and it's 3 years old. My kids have abused it a few times (read dropped) and it's seen better days. So this weekend when my DC jack (where you plug the computer cord in) finally gave out ----and my battery is also useless, staying charged for like 10 minutes---- I was sad. So I thought I'd take it to the store to see if they could fix it. Well, they could, for 250 dollars and they'd need it a week. Yikes! They recommended just buying a new one. I went home to talk to Steve about it. Well, we thought we'd see what a new one would cost, I'll just research it on the computer. OH, wait, it's BROKEN!!! Well, we'll just make some's online.... and my computer is BROKEN!! My hands were starting to shake and I was walking around the house aimlessly... what would I do with out my computer and the internet!

To prevent further withdrawls, Steve took me back to the store and helped me purchase a new laptop. (tax money came at the right time!) And I'm not super picky when it comes to my laptop. I don't need any fancy features. JUST internet service and a place to put my pictures.

Now the only dilemma---gotta get my files off of my old computer. I have a friend who works on computers, so I'm hoping I can pay him to do it, otherwise, Best buy would love to do it for me....for 100 dollars! Oh, they know that they can charge it because it's not like the average Joe can do it. So , knowing the pictures and files are safe and sound, I can take my time to figure out which way we'll get them off.

Oh, and the shaking has subsided :) Steve and the kids had a great time teasing me about my addiction, though!

Anyone else wanna join my support group???

Matthew had a neurology appointment today. Dr Wright was pleased that his seizures are essentially under control. She was pleased to see how alert and smiley he was. She had not seen him that was before. We are seeing some occasional myloclonic jerks; (these a like brief muscle twitches, not the infantile spasms he was having earlier) but no seizure activity! Yay!-- although she did make brief mention that he still could be having abnormal activity in his brain that is not exhibited as a seizure... but I can't worry about that, because there is nothing I can change especially if it's an assumption or a possibility. Overall I was happy with the visit. It's just always hard to answer the questions, any head control.....'no', rolling over.....'no', making any sounds like ma ma or da da.....'no'. Someday, those questions will get easier to answer...even if the answer is always 'no'.


Keesler Chaos said...

Hi, My name is Beth, and I'm a laptop addict too. When my daughter threw up on it, and it had to go in to get a new keyboard, I cried. When I can't read other people's blogs, I get grumpy. When I can't check my e-mail, I can't sleep. I am an addict.

Shelly H. said...

Jill, Jill, Jill....!!!!! I'm talking to 'THE COMPUTER MAN' for ya -- to see what we can do about that little problem with your OLD laptop.

SO GLAD that Matthew had a GOOD appointment -- with good comments from the doctor!

I sure miss seeing you! Take care and know that we are always praying. (Perhaps if I JOIN your 'addict' group -- maybe we'd see each other!) :}

Tyler said... name is Diane..and I am a laptop addict. Oh my gosh I had such a similar story last night. I was blogging last night and downloading some videos and then my battery started to go out so I hooked it up to the charger and continued on my way. Then about 5 minutes later...complete blackness. Which I yell to my husband who is in the basement and tell him to fix it IMMEDIATELY. He took the connector out from the computer and back in...nothing...unplugged it and plugged it back in...nothing. Which of course I did the exact same senario before he came up and same results but I guess he thpught he had the magic touch. Well he didn't. At this point I am also in a panic because I wasn't done reading everybodies blog and downloading my videos. But I let it go and went to bed with much tossing and turning. Luckily I made it through the night. This morning I went to the computer before doing anything and surprisingly it was working. I think I may have ran the battery completely dead and it needed a lot of re-juicing. So all is good. But if that ever happens again I am sure I will need a support group.

I am happy to hear that you got a new computer out of it and hope you can retrieve your pictures at a reasonable price.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Sherri said...

You are too funny! I am definitely addicted too. I think I might have to force myself into a few "no computer" days of the week to control the addiction! Glad you are up and running again!! And it's so great to hear you had a good appointment with Dr. Wright. We will see her on Thursday.

Zoe said...

I am an addict! I am addicted to my laptop, the internet, blogging, face book, ebay, and craigslist. *sigh* I find myself checking email and my FB in the middle of the night when I am nursing Lily.

About a week ago, I changed a setting on my laptop and ALL of Lily's photos disapeared! I was in tears b/c that could have been her "entire" life errased. :( I had hidden the files... BUT, I am now getting ready to back it all up onto Dvd.

Thanks for the link to the cloth diaper whisper. :) I look forward to seeing the new diaper that you made. I have to get my sewing machine out and start playing with it. I'm SURE that I could make my own "Fuzzi Bunz" pattern and diaper.

Terrific news about matthews appointment!

Take care..

Lisa said...

Okay.....I need to join your support group. I would die without my computer! Well....'die' might be a strong word choice, but it would definately be hard!

So glad to hear about the appointment. And I am most glad to hear that he isn't having the spasms! That is wonderful! Elisabeth has been having those same twitches by the way...I tell you, our kids are always mimicing eachother! :)

One more thing...never give up! Someday you will say yes to some of those questions! Elisabeth didn't say 'mama' till she was 17 months. And even now that she says it, it's drawn out and slow....but still....she says it! Also, she just barely started rolling over last week! She had learned once upon a time.....way before the spasms......but they stole that ability from her. So we are over the moon happy that she relearned! She isn't rolling all over the place, but she does do a roll here and there. So what I am saying is don't give up! Especially now that you have the spasms under control. I bet you'll see so much progress!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I'll join!! I just got a laptop a few weeks ago and I am already addicted. Well, I was already addicted to the computer but now with a lappy it is WAY worse.

Kristen said...

I need to join your support group!! My addiction runs deep also!! I'm sure that's something else we'd be able to talk about for hours too. :o)

I am so glad Matthew is having more awake, smiley days.