Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is here!!!

Today it was a gorgeous 75 degrees and tomorrow promises to be more of the same. I wanted to take Matthew out today in his stroller for a walk, but he had decided that at 1 am he was up for the day and then crashed at around 1:30 and slept all afternoon {and I got a much deserved nap also as I had to participate in his wakefulness}, so we didn't get him outside today, but we're planning for tomorrow and I'll hopefully post some fun outdoor St. Patrick day photos!

These weird sleep patterns seem to pop up whenever we mess with his seizure medications. See, his epileptologist in Minnesota would like to have him off his phenobarbital, but every time we tinker with it, we get more seizures and funky sleep habits. He previously had had very few (like less than five) seizures between Valentines day and last week, so they decided to try to wean it again. I'm wondering if we should just leave it alone??? He is so sleepy though with everything he is on, I'd like to get some more wakeful times. I did talk to them again today and they told me to try some Melatonin to help him sleep tonight and hopefully get him back on track. I'm hoping so.

The kids are on Spring break this week, so we're going to try to do some spring cleaning, or at least go through there dressers and also do some fun things. One thing on the agenda: reading some good books. We're starting with this easy one:

We've already read "My father's dragon" the beginning of this year and this book is the 1st sequel to it. Very easy book. Probably 2nd grade level. It's an oldy. Copyright 1950. Cute innocence! My friend, Beth, said they were a must read and the kids LOVED the first one book! We'll probably finish this one tomorrow and I think Micah wants me to read one of the Narnia books next. This is what I miss most about homeschooling! We used to, everyday, curl up on the couch after lunch and I would read aloud a good book to the kids. It was our favorite part of the day. I can't remember how many times I heard "Just one more chapter, PLEEEAAASE, Mommy!"


Lisa said...

There is a sequel to 'My Father's Dragon'? We have a very old copy of that book that Donald bought off of ebay or something because he loved it from his childhood. But he never mentioned a sequel...and so I am not sure that he knows about it. I think I might have to hunt one down as a surprise.

And about your weather...75! Wow! And I thought we were doing good with mid-50's!ha!

Keesler Chaos said...

There are three!

1 Mt Father's Dragon
2 Elmer and the Dragon
3 The Dragons of Blueland

And a lapbook here:

Jill's friend Beth

Kim said...

I love that at school too. My kids were recently addicted to The Giver and now they are into Bud, Not Buddy.