Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movin' on up!!!

Here's our latest picture of Matthew, sitting in his chair with some support. We're working SOOOO hard on head control.

Matthew is finally growing!!! We've spent the greater part of 4 months at 15 lbs. We'd go up a couple ounces, and then down a couple. It was frustrating and hard to see him fall off of the growth curve. We finally rented a baby scale this month. And switched his night time feeding to a new(uber expensive!) formula since he had blood in his poo (his stomach was bleeding, due to an intolerance to the formula). I'm proud to say that with more frequent breastfeeding along with a night time feeding to boost calories has brought him up to..........16 1/2 lbs!! I can't believe it! He feels so much heavier and stronger. And he's gaining at least an ounce a day. He'll be a chunky monkey before we know it.


Sherri said...

hehehe! I was just saying to myself- his little cheekies look a little chubbier :) He looks so good! Way to go on fattening him up- sounds like you found the right method!

Kristen said...

He does look so good!! What a relief to see him gaining weight!

Cayman is a good little eater, and continues to gain weight, but she definitely has her own growth curve. She's a peanut. Would you guess that at her year old check up she weighed in only at 14 lbs. 7 oz. She's so petite.

Michelle said...

Oh that is wonderful news! It's just awesome that he is gaining weight! Go little man go!

That seat looks very familiar! It's a wonderful little toy, Owen still likes to sit in his (Owen is still rather small for his age too, except for his big head!)

Great to see him up like that, good news all around!

Shelly H. said...

Chubby?!?! We LOVE chubby :)

Way to go, Matthew! Keep up the growing. It is so great to see you sitting up in your play-chair! Love it! You're a smilin' little fellow, that's for sure! Hope to see you soon!

Tyler said...

I have been meaning to comment on your site for awhile and time just keeps slipping away. I think you have a beautiful family and Matthew is just adorable. He looks so big there sitting up.

My son, Tyler only weighs 21 lbs and is 3 1/2 years old. I always tell the doctor and his therapists that he is on the "little Debbie" diet (anything fattening and extra butter), but for some reason he just isn't gaining like the rest of us would if we were on that same diet. So way to go Matthew on gaining weight (we may need some pointers).

Diane, Tyler's mom

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am happy for you guys. I know first hand how hard you guys work, and it is amazing the prayers that are being answered. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad and the 4Ms!

Carla said...

Way to go Matthew!!!
So happy to hear that he is gaining weight!

Lisa said...

It's so interesting to me how he and Elisabeth seem to follow the same patterns.

Just like Matthew, Elisabeth has finally started gaining weight. She hadn't gained since last fall.

He looks wonderful! I am so happy for your family. I bet Matthew will enjoy being outdoors when nice sprinf weather arrives!