Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You gotta watch this!

When you have 10 extra minutes, grab a box of tissues and watch this. It's WONDERFUL


Sherri said...

Thanks for sharing this Jill! Had me bawling after about a minute ;) Hope things are calm and easy at the Soldatke's!

lisa w. said...

Thank you! This should be required viewing at all schools!

Shelly H. said...

Jill, At first I wasn't sure where the young gentleman's speech was going...what a powerful message! I agree with Lisa, this should be required viewing at all schools! I talked with Steve today at church -- he said little Matthew didn't have a good night. And that you were taking him to the doctor's office today at 11am. How is everything? I wish things would calm down for Matthew so he can have a chance to recover from all he's been through recently...and you need that, too. We are praying, praying, praying! Miss seeing you! Know that I think of you often -- and just thought this might be the best way to keep in touch with you. Call me when you have the time to talk this week -- it would be good to visit! Are you going to the NCHEA Conf at the end of this month?!?!?! :)