Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're home

We came home yesterday. Wednesday night and Thursday he ended up throwing up his meds but not his feedings, and so we weren't able to go home. Friday night and Saturday night he did keep his medications down, so they discharged us. Within 12 hours of being home; he started throwing
up. He did have a better morning this morning, but this afternoon he has constantly been vomiting. I'm not sure what has changed since the hospital. I am giving the same medications, the same formula, the same respiratory treatments. Talk about frustration. I need to be home for awhile, but if he doesn't keep his formula down today, I have a feeling we will be headed back to the hospital.

On a happier note, here is a picture I took from this morning, during his "vest therapy". Matthew loves his siblings. He smiled and looked at Mason through the whole book! It was taken with my cell phone, but it was oh so cute!


Kristen said...

That photo is so adorable.

I am so sorry he is still vomiting. How exhausting for you to think of the hospital to be such a near in sight possibility again. We continue to pray without ceasing.

I know how tired I feel from Kobe's constant spit ups. And that's nothing next to the emotions you are feeling with Matthew's vomiting and health. I continue to pray for you too. And wish there was something more I could do.


Diane said...

I hate to hear that he is still vomiting. I pray that it stops and you will not be heading back to the hospital. I love the photo and it makes me smile!!

Tara said...

I am very sorry that Matthew is having all these issues. We are praying for you guys. Being in the hospital all the time is such a drag. I hope you are able to stay home for a while.