Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I love being crafty. Having the time to do so, is limited. I love to sew and knit. Well, I got a bug. I wanted to make something. Then I got the perfect opportunity! Look what I made!!!

It's called "Hot Mama" diaper bag. I found the pattern on-line. I couldn't resist. I found the cutest fabric too with coordinating yellow to go inside.
View of the inside. On the left hand side there is a matching changing pad. The front and back have 2 pockets each. The right side has a magnetic closing key-chain hook, a cell phone pocket and a pocket for a wallet. There is also a yellow pocket on either side on the outside. Cute huh, and nice and DEEP!

Notice the foot?Here's my cutie modeling it! (It's a bit big for her) I found a free pattern on the internet to make a matching wallet. I have enough fabric left over so, I'm going to try to do that and get it sent on Friday. Sent??? to who??? Guess who?<--------click on it !!

I love it so much I'm gonna make one for myself....someday :)


Sherri said...

That is AWESOME!!! You are so talented :)I love the colors and design!

Kristen said...

It looks awesome!!! I wonder if it's wrong for me to bid on stuff at our own fundraiser :o) hehe.

You are so talented! And you knit too! Me too! I have knitted a few hats for the benefit.

Thank you for sewing this diaper bag for Cayman's benefit! I cannot tell you how much it means to us!