Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Matthew's surgery was today at 9 am. Everything went as expected except......they let us go home!!! Originally they said it would require an overnight stay, but Dr. Azarow said that it was okay to go home this evening if he did well throughout the day. Needless to say, he woke up starving! He ate 3 times between 12 and 4 pm. So we were off for home!

He is pretty tired and has some discomfort; but as always; TYLENOL to the rescue! He's to take it every 4 hours round the clock for 2 days to help with discomfort and to keep fever at bay. I guess this surgery pretty much goes hand in hand with fever, go figure. It was the first thing the doc warned us about.

We're praying this is the last surgery for awhile!


Sherri said...

Wow! great news! So glad you got to go home early. Let us know how he's doing. What a tough little guy!

Kim said...

Glad that it went well and you got to go home. Home is such a nice place to be.

Kristen said...

Wow, surgery and back home all in one day!! Matthew is the man!!

Kristen said...

I tagged you...the rules said I was supposed to leave you a comment to tell you.

I hope Matthew is sleeping well for you tonight!

Lisa said...

Hurray! I am glad everything went well and that you got to bring your sweet baby home so quickly.

I too will pray that there are no more surgeries for a LONG time!