Friday, July 11, 2008

In the hospital

Well, Matthew and I decided for fun today we'd go to the hospital-NOT! Anyway here's the story. Don't worry, it's not his shunt. Matthew was born with a hydrocele. A hydrocele is a collection of watery fluid around the testicle. Here is a good short synopsis to read and a diagram. There are two types; communicating and non-communicating. We had hoped his was non-communicating, but alas, we're pretty sure it communicating; which is worse. He also has an inguinal hernia. So, the treatment will be surgery at some point. When we don't know. We were supposed to see the surgeon tomorrow; but today it got REALLY swollen and he was definately WAY more fussy than normal, he was almost inconsolable. We called his pedi and she said we should go to children's ER. The big concern with a communicating hydrocele is when it fills with fluid it can strangulate the testicle or part of the bowel and require emergency surgery. They looked and could tell that wasn't the case, it was just fluid. They gave us the option to either stay the night or go home. I figured that since we had already driven here, we could just stay and see the doc in the morning vs. driving back and then they could get his pain under control.
We got to the floor around 10 pm and they checked us in. The hospital dr. saw him and got him settled in. They decided the BEST pain reliever would be tylenol. TYLENOL, what!! I could've done that at home! Foolish me, I guess, we probably should've gone home! I could've at least slept in my own bed! Well, at least Steve gets a good night sleep!
The plan is to do a urine sample (since he has kidney reflux, they just want to make sure he doesn't have an infection) and to give him the ALL POWERFUL tylenol. They will do an ultrasound of his testicles tomorrow (good thing he's a baby huh, that could be an embarressing situation) and the pediatric surgeon will see him. Hopefully we'll have answers tomorrow to post. Well, time for bed-I'm exausted.


Michelle said...

Tylenol? I have stronger things than that in my cabinet at home! Sheesh! I hope that today has been a bit more productive for you and that they have been able to actually do something to help little Matthew!

Kristen said...

Oh poor Matthew! I'm so sad to hear you're back in the hospital. That's not fun. And you're right about the Tylenol....shesh!! That's all?!

I hope today is going well! Keep us updated when you can!

Sherri said...

How annoying! Sorry to hear you had to stay for no reason. Hopefully today went well and you got some answers!