Friday, September 26, 2008

A glimpse of our week

Look at this sweet picture of my baby boy hammin' it up for his sister! He was sitting in his chair and she just walked by and gave him a quick kiss. I think he LOVES his sister; what do you think? When I was very early pregnant with Matthew, Megan wanted a sister SOOOOO bad. She was a bit disappointed when she found out that it was a boy. She had been praying for a sister so much. I had told her the important thing we needed to pray for was a healthy baby. I never forget the sinking of my heart when shortly after we'd found out Matthew's gender and prognosis, she looked at me and said "You mean it's a boy AND it's not healthy?" I wanted to cry for so many reasons. I had forgotten that statement until recently when Megan said to me~'I'm SO glad God gave me a little brother; he's way cuter than a sister would've been" And it's funny, because even though he smiles for all his siblings very easy, Megan always gets the biggest one's! She's truly in love with this little boy!!!

Imagine my suprise when, as I hustled around the house, I saw something very mysterious in Megan's room. I busted out laughing and quickly grabbed the camera.

This is our Lab (all 75 lbs of her) Brooke, SLEEPING on my daughters bed. I think she may be spoiled!


Here's a glimpse into our school this week. We're learning about ancient Egypt and our project was to build 'step pyramids' out of sugar cubes. Here's the kids creations. I was glad we glued them together as the kids wanted to eat their creations. We limited them to 1 cube. And yes, Micah isn't wearing a shirt. He basically hates all clothing except for shorts, Even in the winter! Good thing he homeschools and I keep the house warm in the winter huh!

I still haven't figured out how to get my video on here; not that I"ve spent much time trying :) I'm looking forward to Friday afternoon when the house is clean and I can relax!!


Connie said...

Loved the big smile photo, how great that big sister loves him so much. I had to laugh too at the no shirt picture. My oldest nephew was like that for years. Can't seem to remember when he out grew that, but he must have as he is now a preacher and wears clothes all the time! Have a happy Sabbath.

Kristen said...

Matthew is so cute!! That is a sweet story about him and Megan. I could feel my mama heartbreaking too when I read how she said, "You mean it's a boy and he's unhealthy?" *sniff, sniff* That must have been a hard moment. It makes it extra extra sweet that there's a very noticeable strong bond between the two now.

Your dog sure looks like she is living it up!

Kim said...

The picture of Matthew is great. Sheer joy is the look that is on his face. so nice to see a picture of him looking happy. I am glad that things are working well with meds and such. Can't wait to see you at Christmas.

Beth said...

Cute blog! I love the pictures of the kids.
Beth from Friday Classes

Sherri said...

Look at that huge smile! What a sweetie. I'm laughing at Micah :) That is so funny! Tell him it is getting cold outside! How sweet that Megan and Matthew have a special bond. I just love how honest kids are. It makes it easier to guide their little hearts when they tell you exactly what they are thinking.