Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random pictures

It's been way TOOO long since I've updated the blog. I'm going to blame it on the fact partially that I was VERY busy this week with work and school; and partially to the fact that I couldn't find my camera cord thingy to download pictures. Good excuses, huh? Well maybe not so I'll make up for it with some cute pic's

This is Matthew in his new "sweet tomato" sitter. That's what his OT, Jo, calls it anyway. He's not to fond of it for the most part, but it's helping him sit up and strengthen his neck muscles and torso.
Here's the kids reading to Matthew. Look close at what Mason's doing. Matthew has fallen asleep; and Mason is saying "Wake up 'Maffew'; listen to the story" and pulling up his eyelids!
Here is Matthew smiling. Not one of his biggest one's but he's happy!!

I tried to upload a video of Matthew, but to no avail. Maybe I'll try to send it to youtube first. That'll be my blog project for the week! :)

On the calender this week:

Monday: school and Megan's piano lessons; I work in the evening

Tuesday: school, Megan and Matthew have a doctor appointment, visiting a friend from work who had a new baby, and work in the evening

Wednesday: school, Micah has homeschool PE, Matthew has OT (occupational therapy), and Mason has church classes(Eager Beavers) in the evening.

Thursday: Just school so far :)

Friday: the kids have homeschool co-op classes all morning, and probably grocery shopping in the afternoon.

Sometime during the week we probably should do some laundry and clean the house, huh?? I'll try and pencil that in somewhere!! Ha!


Sherri said...

Matthew is getting chubbier :) Well, he wasn't really chubby to begin with, but you know what I mean. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:45am. I'm guessing that is right in the middle of your appointments? Let me know- I'd still love for you to drop the kids off some time!!

Lisa said...

Random pictures are my favorite. You have such a beautiful family :)

Kristen said...

Matthew just looks like he's chillin' in that chair.

I love the picture of the kids all together. Matthew is so lucky to have so many wonderful loving siblings around him. All that extra love will help his development I'm sure.

Cheryl said...

Your kids are so precious and sweet!

Thinking of you today and sending prayers to heaven. Jill - I hope you can get some good peaceful rest - I'll be praying that you can take a nice long nap in the arms of Jesus and wake refreshed and rejuvenated! You have such a busy life!