Friday, September 5, 2008

Hot off the press!---Nope we struck out!

*Update* the neurologist came through around 7:30 pm and said we could go tomorrow after lunch some time if all goes well-but he's had 7 seizures today, though the intensity is less. We're hoping his meds work! I'm ready to get back to normalcy (is that a word?)


I'll post more later, but I'm working VERY hard to try and go home today; details to follow .


Lisa said...

Good luck! I'll keep my fingers crossed. There's no place like home :)

Sherri said...

We'll keep praying!! :)

Kristen said...

Yay, home is so close you can almost "smell" it. I'm praying!!

Sherri said...

Sorry to hear about you day.
We are praying for the seizures to stop. Are they trying different meds at all?